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Comment Re:Lie a little (Score 1) 629

I can say that skill-wise a month is a good enough indicator. Personality and other non-skill factors may take longer. In all, I agree that a month is all that is necessary for this guy, but several months of keeping tabs on work production on those remote days may be necessary to ensure the guy's a self starter.

Comment Re:Lie a little (Score 1) 629

You pretty much described my job. I do it all and being available for onsite work does make a big difference. Does that mean I wouldn't use an offsite employee for certain types of work? No. He probably shouldn't expect full time work doing something remotely, unless he's only applying to large companies who can probably find constant work for him.

Comment Re:Lie a little (Score 1) 629

It's "Insightful", not "Citeful". If someone had tagged it with Informative and it had no citations, I would feel that there was something missing, but "[a]n Insightful comment makes you think, or puts a new spin on a given story". ( Citation here .)

I mostly agree with your sentiment in the rest of your comment.

Submission + - NSA planned to discredit radicals based on web-browsing habits (

wired_parrot writes: New documents leaked show that the NSA was not only monitoring suspected radical sympathizers, but planned to discredit them based on their web-surfing habits. This includes not only evidence of porn browsing and online sexual activity, as well as extorsion and blackmail based on innapropriate use of funds. At the same time, the document leaked notes that very few of contacts noted were associated with terrorism

Comment Re:How hard can that possibly be? (Score 1) 663

This does not matter. Call it a widget or an object. Knowing what it is is unimportant. Knowing that it represents a unit of something is important. This is the purpose of naming the imaginary object. This is what made question 1 so odious, in my opinion. When a whole is separated into parts that don't make sense, the question should be thrown out. My son would have gotten this in 1st grade but he would have inadvertently offended the teacher and I would have had to talk to her after school. Let it be known that I am a fan of question one simply due to its ridiculousness. I see it thus: "I know about 5 coins. Coffee cup #6 is a whole." Test taker: "I am unsure how many more coins it takes to purchase the coffee. Perhaps three coins will suffice."

Comment Re:anyone noticed the snide arrogance? (Score 1) 373

Reading comprehension would not lead me to the same place you have gone. When I read his comment there is no indication of what would happen after he receives a decent answer. This is not a low-bar barrier-to-entry, this is a "get the people wasting my time out of my office as quick as possible" barrier to entry. I would assume, though there was no indication either way, that this person would have more in his interview than this question.

Comment Re:79% accuracy ... (Score 1) 132

You are acting like they will only make one calculation and go with it. You keep talking about this 21%, when the accuracy measurements, (until they find a way to make it more accurate) would require confidence testing on the numbers before input into as an answer into your program. Not that I think they'll be happy with doing it that way. But for now, it'll give you the accuracy necessary to get the job done right.

Comment Re:Missing option: the latest rogue-like (Score 1) 452

As for WOW, bugger subscriptions, they are just too annoying, you know, oh no, I must play because I am paying for it and it will run out and I will lose my stuff unless I continue to pay and play, really steals your choice of whether to play or not.

This is uninformed. You don't lose stuff even if you cancel your subscription and come back later.

Comment Re:I am an ISP and I support this (Score 1) 311

You know, I'd have supported your position if you hadn't "fixed" the first line. I don't steal content but I do use file-sharing services to pick up things that would normally be free because the bit torrent and similar download algorithms make for a much faster download than one would get through normal methods.

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