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Submission + - Tell the new MA governor how you feel about ODF

Blob Pet writes: To the surprise of some, it was recently reported that Massachusetts governor-elect Deval Patrick named Microsoft's anti-ODF lobbyist Brian Burke to the technology advisory group of his transition team. Well now that same transition team is soliciting comments from the masses on their website on what policies the new administration should make. It would appear to be an excellent opportunity to express your thoughts on how the Commonwealth should or shouldn't take advantage of technology such as ODF, especially if you're a Massachusetts resident.

Submission + - What happened to Jon Katz?

Blob Pet writes: A few years back Jon Katz disappeared from Slashdot. I don't remember if there was any formal announcement made, but at some point I did notice that I hadn't seen any of his diatribes in quite some time. Well, according to CNN, Katz has apparently been writing books about his border-collie Orson who apparently changed his life. His first book, "A Dog Year," is being made into a movie.

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