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Comment Re:Google wants to standardize hardware (Score 1) 231

One would hope at least one enterprising company would spot a market supply failure and create a product there. There is demand for Android; Google would have work pretty hard to scare manufacturers away. The key here is what is considered "too much", and frankly I don't see Google being particularly ridiculous about it.

Comment Re:An Imitator, not an Invovator (Score 1) 643

I want to disagree with you on one point - I'm a console gamer, and I'm loyal. I love my 360 and definitely prefer it to the Wii or PS3. Contrast that with the N64 - a fantastic system at the time - and then the letdowns of the GameCube (never really succeeded) and Wii (catering to casual gamers does not cater to me). I bought both a GC and Wii because I was a loyal Nintendo fan, but they've lost my loyalty with those two systems. 10+ years of loyalty, and 10 years of failure to lose it... that's a long time. I'm much more likely to buy the next Microsoft console than the PS3 (or next) and I won't go near another Nintendo product. That said, it's the only Microsoft product I like.

Comment Re:Early Development (Score 1) 382

Which is half the point. Some engineered languages enforce a single pronunciation, while others are fully regular and therefore regional discrepancies in pronunciation would map differently without impeding the ability to spell.

Relatedly, English sucks. Even if it's the only language I speak!

Comment Re:He's got it all wrong (Score 1) 280

His left finger looks like it's touching, but I'm not entirely convinced the right one is.

Regardless of that nitpick, it is still showing 2 MOhms, which shouldn't draw nearly enough power to do anything he thinks it's doing.

Purely speculation, but does it look like the black probe is even touching the metal...?

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