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Comment DVDFab could make $$Millions (Score 1) 167

DVDFab should add an option to decrypt iPhones, or images of iPhones. It doesn't really have to work, just a checkbox or menu entry where the user could select an iPhone or iPhone image.

I think law enforcement in the USA would be lined up with wheelbarrows of cash to get the software. Wheelbarrows of Bitcoin may be safer if you are going to take the money and run.

Comment I think the guy on MSNBC said it best (Score -1) 327

When it was announced that Cruz was going to name Carly Fiorina as his running mate, one of the people on MSNBC commented 'two losers are better than one?'

Yes, I laughed out loud. Cruz, in his introduction, listed all of the attributes a leader should have. I laughed again because she has none of these. Yes, I am biased. I had family members that were directly impacted by her management moves. It pissed me off to the point that I will never purchase or approve the purchase of any HP product.

The only question I have is whether I thaw out the tomato before I throw it.

Comment Re:Samsung S5 - Verizon (Score 1) 183

Why are you updating the Verizon apps? And, what other crap apps are you putting on your phone?

I also have an S5 from VZW and although I have installed the updates to get to it is still as responsive as the day I got it and it was running 4.xx. Disable the stuff you don't want or need. I don't need a vzw app to tell me when I am close to, or in a vzw store. Their messaging app lasted only a day or two before it was replaced. The other apps I didn't want consuming data were disabled. It's not that difficult to NOT press 'update all' and only update the apps I choose.

You can disable the automatic app restore and reload the OS (or get a Samsung repair center or Best Buy to do it) and rebuild your S5 to get it back to where it performs well.

Comment I received the letter (Score 1) 32

Amex sent me the letter regarding the breach. After seeing they wanted me to closely watch my account activity for the next 12 to 24 months, I concluded I it was more effort than I was willing to expend. I contacted Amex to get more information regarding the breach. They, understandably, would not / could not offer more information and stated there is an ongoing investigation. After telling the nice lady their recommendations were more than I was willing to do, I asked for a replacement card. It was either a new card or I was willing to zap the chip, cut the card and put it into a drawer for the next two years.

These companies that do not provide sufficient security should be burnt to the ground. We could start with every other Home Depot to set an example.


Comment I had my card used... (Score 2) 66

I had my card used at a Target in Wilmington DE when I was sitting at my kitchen table in NJ. After a bunch of phone calls from me to my bank, at Target, I realized it wasn't worth the effort to get the police report filed and work through the process just to see the face of the person that used my card. Yes, Target confirmed they had video of the person at the register using my card, and trying to use my card again later. My bank confirmed this card number was snagged in the Home Depot breach. If you want to make me happy, burn down every other Home Depot store, and jail those responsible for not securing their network at Home Depot. Those people shouldn't be allowed near any technology, then again they never have been. It is almost enough to push me over to the dark side. Maybe I'll swing by next Saturday morning with my spray bottle of Liquid Ass. (read the comments on Amazon).

Comment Don't update the app, get an older version. (Score 4, Interesting) 113

I like the app and use it once in a while. The prices near me can be quite different. My local Costco is not so local but usually BJ's or Sams have the cheapest prices. A while back I did an update for GasBuddy and was presented with a huge ad across the middle of the screen in the list view. I usually do not mind ads in the free versions but this was obtrusive.

As quickly as I had updates the app, it was uninstalled. I then went to the Amazon App store and installed an older version, much older, and it was better, much better! Knowing there is a big obtrusive advertisement in the update / upgrade, I see no reason the make any changes. The older version is running fine on both a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (Kit Kat?), and a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Lollipop.

If you don't like the Play Store app, get the one from Amazon, then ignore the reminders to update the app.

Comment YOU HAVE TO SIGN IN WITH YOUR COMCAST ID (Score 4, Informative) 253

Sorry to repost - orig post was as AC... maybe someone will actually see this one. This is NOT an open Wifi network. You must sign in with a Comcast / Xfinity User ID in order to use the network, AND you are signing into SSID 'xfinitywifi', NOT your local, private, SSID 'Ithinktheskyisfalling'. I saw it pop up on my router last year and do not have a problem with it. Any activity on the xfinitywifi SSID in going to be associated with a specific user, probably not me. Looking at the current networks in my area, I see xfnintywifi on channels 3 and 6, also another 'un-named' network, on one or more channels, that is probably emanating from the same device or another close by, judging from the MAC addresses and signal strength. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, wifi only, that I use as my mobile device and connect to the XfinityWifi network, using an ID on my account, at multiple locations. I am glad they set it up and give me access to it. No, I do not have a smart phone. BTW - there are other networks, Optimum and TWC, that can also be used with your Comcast User ID. What was it that Yoda said? - 'The ignorance is strong with some of these...' or something like that.

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