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Comment Re:Feedback is welcome! (Score 1) 68

I like the game, but wish to have more ways to win.
I wish the research chart and battle units can be further extend (maybe into the future with different directions?).
Anyway, those are content suggestion, rather than technical suggestion, maybe not as useful.

Comment Re:Following best architectural design practices (Score 1) 61

I agree, and the reason for making mistakes have a lot to do with deadlines.
Best practice or not, more time on designing, implementing and testing them can avoid a lot of mistakes. More often lack of communication and understanding to the code have a lot to do with testing (due to tight deadline). Both the technical testers (run static analysis report) and QA testers (testing for business cases) lacked the knowledge of the system, as they have no clue but to assume some of the things are working as expected. Many of the issues can be avoided given more time and more communication. Best practice or not, some of these are common sense.

Comment Re:I agree (Score 1) 564

I think adding more motion sensors may change or redefine tablet, which can be more than replacing a laptop computer.

I believe lighter weight allows people to make use of sensors, and it can be a central device with a bigger display for other configuration purpose (as compare to cell phone).

Comment Modem? Don't have a phone jack. (Score 1) 79

Not sure why we are still using modem. I only have a wireless phone, so I am not sure how I can use the modem to connect to someone.
I think a powerful bluetooth device that can allow me connect to someone through my phone (through apps?) and manage my home electronics would be a better idea. Part of the home theatre solution.

Comment Re:Silverlight greatness (Score 1) 394

Agree, and most likely the content issuers want to have DRM to be in place.

I used to work at a Sport TV channel, and their online video contents agreement with all major leagues are requiring them to use Flash. The Sport TV channel wants viewership (subscriber), but are forced to use Flash format instead of other formats that support HTML5 (mobile purpose).

Anyway, I doubt it is Netflex who worries about DRM, but content issuers or owners (eg. Sony, and etc.) may have those requirements on their agreement.

Comment Re:A smart watch? (Score 1) 260

What if the watch can do more than just a watch?
How about you can sit on the couch and turn down the lights on a movie settings? What if you need to turn off your stove while being in the basement?

With cellphone capable of being the computer (in 3 - 5 years), your watch maybe able to do the little things remotely for your computer. It is hard to imagine the widgets for smartwatch, but I think there is a bigger market then a traditional watch.

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