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Comment Re:Fuel for the improbability drive (Score 1) 180

But is it not a rock, or at a minimum, 'like a rock'? Have they never seen a rock before? Doesn't sound like they've been paying all that much attention to what that rover's been doing up there....

[haven't commented on /. in 5+ years - but I saw your sig and had to check mine to see if they were the same... then I figured I'd say something]

Submission + - Passwords of a leading Swedish newpaper leaked 1

Goglu writes: Aftonbladet, a leading Swedish newspaper, was hacked yesterday and the usernames and passwords of their employees leaked on the Internet. This attack was considered "an assault on democracy". It will of course be investigated by the police.
All this said, a competitor to Aftonbladet was happy to point out that several users protected their precious information with only their first name as a password...
Question to the community: Does leaking these usernames and passwords in the open, and forcing the newspaper to take basic security measures (such as a password policy) really is "an assault on democracy"?
Online translation tool from Swedish to English for the Swedish-challenged folks...

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