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Comment What's the melting point of those sheep? (Score 1) 233

Seriously, though. Please correct my understanding. Aren't the "good fats" typically oils (ie. fats with low melting points)? If these things are full of omega-3s rather than saturated lard, why is their body structure going to look like? Could sheep be harvested for their omega-3s rather than dredging for fish?

Comment Re:I think Beck has started to believe his own con (Score 1) 1276

[Colbert] would be justified in not taking responsibility for anyone taking what he says seriously because his show is on a comedy channel.

The great grandparent post you're responding to makes a reference to something from The Daily Show, portraying the reference as fact. Should I take that poster seriously? You're kidding yourself if you think that people don't take The Daily Show / The Report seriously. I consider The Daily Show to be one of the most influential programs on TV, particularly amongst young people. Whether its comical portrayal of information or fear mongering bullshit, if people listen to it enough, they will start to believe it. Its clear that The Daily Show and The Report are more likable and funny; I presume that's why Stuart & Colbert don't get harassed like Beck.

For the record, I do watch the Report and TDS and I do not watch Glen Beck (or Fox for that matter).

Comment Re:Christmas (Score 1) 474

No, they were most likely ready to break up after not seeing their BF for three weeks over winter break. They decided to hang on to see if the relationship recovers (their always hesitant to break up), and the decide to wait until after Valentines day because its a date on the calendar, and they don't want to be lonely on the 14th when all their girlfriends are getting flowers.

Comment Re:So why the Pre-Christmas Spike? (Score 1) 474

Unlike the summary, I figured the spring break spike was so that guys go drink beer and hit on chicks with they guy friends. I don't know about this "my gal looks bad in a bathing suit" crap. I would imagine the winter break spike is caused by, like you said, the requirement of buying presents & meeting parents, but I'd also add in the fear of missing some wild NYE opportunities.

Comment Re:Headline Is So Very Wrong (Score 2, Informative) 1193

Only poor people pay taxes.

Clearly you have never reviewed the IRS' Statistics of Income. I'll quickly fill you in. People making less than 40k per year pay less than 5% of all personal income tax. That is 57% of ALL tax files pay 5% of ALL individual income tax. If you don't believe me, look it up. Now, I realize that federal income tax is only a portion of the taxes everyone pays, but PLEASE don't keep spreading the BS that you're spreading.

IRS Statistic of Income

Comment Re:solar & wind power (Score 1) 405

I imagine that most people use dryers because of the convenience, not because it's against the law.

On the other hand, I have actually just switched to air drying due to the inconvenience of buying rolls of quarters every time I need to do laundry (no, I'm not organized enough to go to the bank and buy $100 worth of quarters). I consider the greenness of the solution an added benefit, but it was the quarter inconvenience that gave me the idea in the first place. I haven't checked the lawfulness of hanging clothes on my balcony (Sunnyvale, CA), and I didn't ask the landlord either. I just figured I'd wait for someone to complain. Since I'm in an extremely cheap, slightly ghetto studio apartment complex, I doubt anyone will care. It is also possible to dry clothes with hooks I've installed in my apartment, but this takes at last 3x longer than drying outside, and it usually results in stiffer clothes.

Comment Re:And I've got a 10 inch... (Score 2, Interesting) 397

If somebody's getting laid regularly, what are the odds that they're going to be visiting "OK Cupid"

Actually, one of my friends uses online dating specifically to get laid, and he's already doing pretty well. OK Cupid has a bad reputation for this type of type of thing(the fact that its free probably has something to do with it). Online dating is a very good way to meet a lot of people in a short period of time. Its not just used by people that are desperate.

Comment Re:Unit conversions (Score 1) 185

WTF? No, they'd say the same thing we'd say.

Yeah, that's what I thought, but look at the following sentence from the parent:

1 meter = 3.2808399 feet. Wouldn't that make it ~3.2 Square feet? Or do you guys take off the square from the unit somehow, and apply it to the numbe

It sounds like he thinks American's are weird for stating that a square measuring 3.2 feet by 3.2 as 10.7 feet squared (or square feet... it shouldn't matter what the ordering is here. I for one have never been confused by the ordering).

It sounds like he claims that we should call this "3.2 square feet". This in my mind is a square that has a length and width of sqrt(3.2).

Am I misinterpreting his statements? Dear god please tell me that EVERYONE calls a 3x3 space 9 square units (or 9 units squared).

Comment Re:Unit conversions (Score 1) 185

Wow, the British are the weird ones, here! Lets do some exercises:

Exercise 1: What is the area of a triangle with a base of 3m and height of 5m?
Mathematically: (3 * 5) / 2 = 7.5
American: That's 7.5 meters squared
British: That's sqrt(7.5) square meters?????
Me: Are you really telling me that the British will take the square root of the answer JUST so they can call it "the length of one side of a square" squared meters???

Exercise 2: Pressure is the amount of force per area. One unit of pressure is the Pascal, which is 1 Newton per meter squared (N/m^2). If I apply 500 Newtons of force to a circular area with a radius of .25 meters (force applied perpendicularly to the surface), what is the pressure exerted on that area in N/m^2 ?
Mathematically: (500 / (3.14 * .25^2) = 2547
American: yes, that's 500 Newtons over .196 square meters, or 2547 N/m^2
British: that's 500 Newtons over square_root9.196) = .44 square meters... wait, I forgot to re-qsquare those counterintuitive units... .196 m*m, so that is 2547 N/m^2.
Me: Ok, so I'm american, and I have no clue what the British do here. I'm giving the British the benefit of the doubt that they come up with the correct answer, but I don't see how their way of stating "square meters" is the right way. Correct me if I misinterpreted your post.

Comment Re:Not what I expected. (Score 1) 47

You have to admit the video is pretty damn funny. But as far as news is concerned, I was also disappointed that the article gave no insight as to why the thing looks like a bush. NASAs name is mentioned in this article as a marketing ploy to get people to read the article, NASA is in no way associated with this vehicle. The article also leaves (no pun intended) no explanation as to how solar power is associated with this vehicle. Maybe the battery is charged by a solar array?

Comment Re:Browser history? (Score 1) 198

First of all, I'm actually shocked that your post hasn't gotten more attention.

To add to the confusion, the summary states that Google is claiming they haven't analyzed the payload of packets! There is absolutely no way to detect e-mail addresses not to mention browser history from a handful of packets that were collected during a few seconds of drive by packet sniffing. I second your bullshit.

Comment Re:Doomed (Score 2, Informative) 271

This is flat out incorrect

In January 2010 HP's revenue = 31.1 B

The breakdown by business unit is as follows:

Enterprise Business (Services/Storage/Servers): $13.9B
Personal Systems Group (Notebooks/Desktops/etc): $10B
Imaging and Printing: $6.2B

The printing segment composes less than 20% of HP's total revenue.

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