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Comment Re:My top movies (Score 1) 1222

Pi i thought was boring and i felt it was a ripoff of eraserhead.. Anything on shrooms could change your life look at all that horrible grateful dead music ;)

Immortal (Ad Vitam) was pretty cool.. i liked the actress quite beautiful.. lots and lots of CGI.... based off a another graphic novel as well?

Equilibrium was ok.. but it smacked of the matrix.. Aeon Flux.. more meh..

Comment So many to list but here are a "few" (Score 1) 1222

There are so many but a couple come to mind when I saw the post..

Silent Running


Blade Runner (voiceover version)

Logans Run

The Matrix

The 5th Element

John Carpenters The Thing

12 Monkeys

The Black Hole..

Id put Blade Runner up towards the top with silent running in second place.. but a mixture of the others..

Discuss at will.. :)

Comment Re:One step closer to the Darknet (Score 1) 177

I was thinking the same thing when i saw this.

Side note, the author consulted with a few people from Google and a number of other tech companies based in the bay area so i wouldnt be too surprised if he or they gleaned the idea .. ...

To be honest i would love a pair if they werent being release by google.. Would be perfect for those late night rides..

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