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Comment Re:Has Anyone actually looked at the slides? (Score 0) 347

To expect the program to be 100% effective considering the size of the Internet is not practical. I am sure NSA was able to get the UTAH data center by point out that we have this program but it's size and scope was just too small to have prevented 9/11. To say this only exists to be abused is a very black and white statement. By that way of thinking, government only exists to be abused. I think the capability is critical for the U.S. to have, but the laws that govern this capability have to be well defined and public. We don't necessarily need to know how the U.S. is doing this and what servers through out the world this system ties into.

Comment Has Anyone actually looked at the slides? (Score 1) 347

Full disclose here, I'm a security professional. I personally see a capability within these slides that the US needs to have and would be scared if we didn't. For me I have no expectation of privacy when on the Internet. The protocols were not designed for privacy they were designed for availability. All the meta data is in clear text all the connections are in clear text. Yes we can encrypt our payload but it's very difficult to mask were we are going. Even with a VPN it has to terminate somewhere and the traffic from that termination point would be available to be snooped. As almost all communication moves to the Internet how does a government with limited human resources investigate potential threats? Are we satisfied with after the fact response from our government? If this was in place and it stopped 9/11 would we be grateful for all the lives it has saved? Over 300 terrorists captured. It only took a handful to pull off 9/11. Does the government care if I look at something a little strange. Maybe, I'll be flagged and then an analyst will look into my traffic and see that there is nothing of major concern, move on to next suspicious activity. I ask slashdotter's what is the best way for a government to find threats to it's citizens in this digital age? Should the Internet be hands off for our government?

Comment Quick We need to start producing More CO2 (Score 1) 221

Know that this paper has come out we need to increase the chances for all life to survive. By increasing C02 levels, we will trap more radiant energy which will negate the increase cloud cover. The additional CO2 and smog will create a "shield" against the cosmic rays! Come on everyone buy any American SUV and start driving! We will stimulate our economy and save the Planet!

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