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Comment No surprise (Score 3, Informative) 188

Go Daddy has a history of pulling registrations without notification to domain owners. Remember and Those domains were redirected because of third party complaints. The complaints were not even made by law enforcement. The GoDaddy TOS expressly allows them to suspend service at their discretion and they do it at the first sign of trouble.

I'm not defending GoDaddy in the least, but people doing business with them should be aware of their history and policies.

Comment Start with Hartnell or nothing (Score 1) 655

If you are REALLY interested in Doctor Who you would start with "An Unearthly Child". Forget this namby pamby "Try the 2005 series and then the older ones" B.S.

The 1963 series is the best to start with. The Doctor is a complete unknown and quite sinister, Susan is weird as hell, Ian and Barbara are out of their depth and just trying to survive. There is no guarantee anyone is going to live to the end of each episode and the stories are still surprising after all these years. Don't miss out on the greatest era of Doctor Who just because it's "old".

Comment Re:What's wrong with 'the cloud'? (Score 1) 222

So long as you have encrypted connections, what's wrong with using 'the cloud'? I don't think you'll find any modern phone that syncs email with a desktop email client anymore. Why the heck would that be desirable anyway?

The problem isn't the connection, but who has access to the data once it is on the remote server? That is a difficult enough question with a hosted, off-site server but with cloud computing it becomes unanswerable because the data is spread (or should be) to various geographical locations. How accountable is your cloud provider for you data security?

Comment Yer boned... (Score 2, Insightful) 222

The short answer is "there ain't none". You may be able to hack together an in house solution with some N900 devices, but they will probably be discontinued next year. After that who knows. As for the rest, all require using proprietary sync tools (ala iTunes) or syncing to remote servers (Driod, PalmPre, Blackberry).

Comment Re:*yawn*. Call me when we lose at Go. (Score 1) 178

What makes Go hard isn't anything particularly neat about the game. Is just a boring brute force exercise.

I'm curious why you think Go is a brute force game. I'm not sure you've actually played the game before, maybe you're thinking of Atari Go?

A real game of Go has very subtle strategies. Using brute force tactics against a strong player usually ends in a loss, which is why computers have only been able to win against Dan level players on very small boards or with very large handicaps.

Comment Fight for the Future! (Score 1) 1066

This is A VERY GOOD THING. We are fighting for the future of human knowledge. It goes beyond paychecks and copyrights. When information is shared amongst all people it brightens the world. When information is restricted and controlled the world is darkened. Anything that prevents one group of people from controlling others access to information is a heroic act. No matter how petty and small it may seem.

Comment Re:Well, really... (Score 4, Insightful) 487

Don't get me wrong, this really sucks for the guy and is completely unfair. But this sort of thing happens all the time. If this were a rare occurrence, then yeah, I'd be up in arms. It's sort of not newsworthy anymore.

The only reason that these things happen is that every time these things happen everybody looks around and says "Well, these things happen..." and THAT'S why they happen!

If you see something, say something...peace out.

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