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Comment Re:Spy glasses? (Score 1) 58

There is already a lot of people that wear something like this, it's not actually that much different from my driving/sport glasses. Since you can't curve corrective lenses, the only ways to keep wind out of your eyes are either a double-lens arrangement or goggles..
Just move as much hardware as possible into pocket or a humongous pair of earphones, make them as futuristic/80's/freaky/conspicuous as you can, accessorize with a cap and a track-suit(UK) or a beard plus silly and/or 'ironic' t-shirt(US) and you've got an instant excuse for both loitering and completely ludicrous headgear.

Comment This is bull#%& (Score 2) 270

The blocklist is a joke that can be circumvented with a minimal effort, largely consisting of dead sites, legal(mostly gay) porn of various flavors and some real head-scratchers like this:
That is a page that analyzes and critizises the blocklist itself. It's now removed from the blocklist, but only after an arduous court battle. There is also some info in english.

Comment Re:nonsensical allegations (Score 1) 329

I get yahoo as a first result also. The weird thing is that I don't think I've actually accessed any yahoo content from this device(maybe I've clicked on a link to a news story once or twice.. And I haven't used any of their services since whenever(several years). The location does not explain(Finland, yahoo's not a very big thing here..) Curious.

Comment No (Score 2) 341

He either had no concern for the well-being of Manning and is just saying so or he is utter and complete fool for thinking that ratting him would result in anything other than utter persecution and kafkaesquely hellish existence.
Either he is an informer and enemy of free men pleading for forgiveness or a fool so bad he's got to suffer at least some repercussions.
I've no mercy to spare him.

Comment a priori (Score 2) 164

Any previous judgements about similar cases where the goods are physical?
Say, rent lockers or 3rd party warehouses that hold possible contraband/illicitly appropriated/counterfeited materiel in such quantities that it cannot be moved without extraordinary expense?

Comment Re:Erosion of the Commons (Score 1) 544

In Finland, this has become a more and more apparent problem. Worst case was couple of years back when a young man was brutalized pretty hard by a gang of security guards, you don't break a twentysomething's hip by accident.. The point is that it is a fact that nobody else was there, just the guy and the 5 guards, the guy's hip is broken, but no one was actually convicted of anything. Why? The security firm first refused to give the CCTV tapes to the police, and later on claimed to have 'accidentally' erased it.

Comment Re:Nothing to surprising (Score 2) 1271

There hasn't been a communist country on the earth yet. There's been many permutations of socialist dictatorships/oligarchies but no communist rule.

Communism is a dream. A perfect state whose only problem is that we are short-sighted, self-serving and nepotistic monkeys who turn the greatest dreams and aspirations into a dog-eat-dog contest for power and wealth.

Homo homini lupus. We have what we deserve.

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