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Comment Re:very low doses????? (Score 5, Insightful) 124

Please do me a favor. Don't go to the Grand Central Station with a geiger counter. Also stay away from Capitol Hill i D.C. and any other granite or marble building.
Also bananas could be scary to look at, and flying to the east coast would also be a no-go.

I wouldn't have you ramp up that nuclear fear too high, or you might be a part of statistics.

Radiation is all around us, and the scientist are not even sure it is a bad thing.

Comment Re:It goes the other way, too (Score 1) 420

In stead of the giant ant analogy, I'd rather remember the square-cube law, as the thing that keeps my toy trains tilting off the tracks in tight curves, when the same problem is not present in real life rail roads. The weight simply does not scale on the same level as the size in these little trains... :-(

Comment Re:Get A Real Job! (Score 2) 103

Or perhaps they are helping to make your next windmill more efficient, since their sponsor is probably interested in some of the aspects of their work.
Although most of their recent work probably is more interesting for boat and propeller designers, since much of it was centered about not having the t-foil sword cavitate, to loose speed.

Comment Re:I don't get fiber (Score 1) 241

My backup runs on a 4/1 mbit DSL line. It takes forever to back up my photos and home videos, that I have stored on my NAS server.
Also, due to RIAA and Apple braindead rules (which may not apply to you yanks), I need to keep my own backup of all my iTunes music and video content, since I cannot download it again after I've bought it.
And yes, I should get by with incremental downloads, but my offsite backup service likes to take a full backup every week or two. Right now that ties up my upload for hours when it does so. I got 47 gig of totally legal storage to back up over my puny 1Mbit upload.
Also my 5.2gig Dropbox likes to chime in now and again, although it's not that often, that it's a problem.

That's why I need more upload...

Comment Re:about:addons (Score 3, Interesting) 87

Oh well, welcome to my world. In Denmark, not only does the bank require Java. The _state_ require you to use the same braindead java-infested login (NemID), not only on all banks, but also on every public accessible site (Pensions, Healthcare, Unemployment benefits, Student benefits...).
No matter what I do, and which bank I choose, I need to use NemID, and Java.

I just disabled Java on my work machine. Now I need to make a virtual machine or something, if I actually want to pay my bills. :-(

Comment Re:How can you quantify the loss? (Score 5, Insightful) 663

Well, according to the article, and the summary too, actually, about 0.5%, maximum. But the article goes on to say this is in the U.S.

But does this mean that piracy is not an issue for the movie industry at all? Well not so fast.

A recent study showed that the US box office is not suffering from movie piracy, but that there is a detrimental effect on international box office figures. The researchers attribute this impact to the wide release gaps, which sometimes result in a high quality DVD copy being available on pirate sites while a movie is still showing in theaters.

Then fix the release gaps, and stop whining. The rest of the world is tired of being reduced to second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth class US citizens...
If you want our money, start treating us like equals, and release the damn movies at the same time everywhere.
With digital releases, it shouldn't be that hard.

Comment So, How long before... (Score 1) 67

If it's indeed possible to print a complex chip, like memory, how long do I have to wait, before I can print a 'modified' MiFare chip, complete with my preferred Card ID on the back of my 'fake' OysterCard? Wouldn't it be possible to create a MiFare card, with any ID number on it, In stead of emulating one, using the hardware available today?

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