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Comment What other codes? (Score 1) 402

This is not the first time that writers have been accused of creating codes in their books. Let's assume that this is true, just for the sake of consideration. Given that assumption... what knowledge is being "hidden" now by authors that will come to light in the future, hidden now for fear of ostracization or somesuch?

Comment Re:Gotta admit, it is strange. (Score 1) 290

Uhm... okay. So please demonstrate how else they could do it without calling out the company and product by name?

"The next product version of the Operating System that the government agencies run, hereafter referred to in this document as Company M, product to be referred to as Product V?"

XP's only natural upgrade path is Vista. To say that they are not upgrading is to explicitly stop purchases or installs of Vista.

This isn't singling out a company or product. It is an IT department simply stating, in a governmental bureaucratic setting, that they are not confident in the upgrade-ability of the software.

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