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Comment No interest in art? (Score 1) 130

I would be less skeptical if he was also an artist while awake, or at least HAD BEEN at some time in his life. If he has never had any interest in art and doesn't study it, how did he develop the techniques of perspective and shading? Innate skill? Sounds like bullshit.

Comment Re:Ah yes... (Score 1) 630

This sort of narrow, unenlightened self-interest is what George Carlin always railed against. Because you don't want to smell something or have a level of exposure which would take a thousand years to give you a spot on your lung, you want the entire world to bend to your will and suspend their individual liberty.

Even worse, you are willing to give the government the power to regulate away everyone's personal liberty in order to save a few cells and keep you comfortable. I suggest you think about what liberty is and consider whether your opinion and the health of your precious lungs is worth imposing prohibition on an entire society.

By the way, you're going to die, eventually. Guaranteed. Saving your lungs won't save you. The cowardly buying of more time is a pointless waste of time. However, I do feel you're entitled to waste your own time saving yourself. Just not at the expense of everyone else's liberty.

Comment Re:Apples and Nukes (Score 1) 979

The idea that a self-organized citizen militia could take on and defeat the US Army, Navy, and Air Force is simply laughable.

Well, at least we wouldn't be alone -- all US Marines are sworn to support and defend the United States Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Indeed, if the Marine Corps is doing it's job, it's likely that it has a contingency plan for the unlikely possibility of the Army, Navy, and Air Force somehow becoming enemies of the Constitution.

What is laughable is that a military person would consider the Second Amendment a paper tiger. What oath did you take?

No militia is capable of withstanding the kind of destructive force a modern combat team (a company of mechanized infantry, a troop of tanks, and two artillery pieces) is capable of putting out.

A militia composed of the entire able-bodied male population of the United States just might, through sheer number of reinforcements. The military experience of many of the militiamen may also be more useful than you allow in your assertion.

Other considerations include terrain, resupply from stockpiles after production by The People has halted, and ... EVERYTHING ELSE.

Don't listen to this one, Americans. It ain't over 'til it's over.

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