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Journal BlackHat's Journal: We've nestled in its hollow/And we've suckled at its breast 4

The public discussion site is shut down. Our thanks to the faithful readers, but eventually the site became more of an burden than fun. I have shut it down and will concentrate on other issues. - Bruce Perens

It was fun for us, at least. Thanks Bruce. Also Zog, Guy and the rest.

Fumetti A drawing of a workman in coveralls walking away with a cut-out life-size photo of Bruce Perens standing up. A few bits of old bunting on the floor, wires tangled in the dust, and an open box of plastic sporks.

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We've nestled in its hollow/And we've suckled at its breast

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  • I took off the air for an hour or so earlier due to frustration. I ended up deleting the two Palin stories, since so many of you seemed to dislike them. is not making money, can't afford to pay its editor any longer, and frankly, folks, I have other stuff I should be concentrating on.

    OK, I should know better than to pull the plug in anger. But I can't say I'm happy with the state of this blog.

  • What's teh back story? Zogger?

    Did Obamatrons or Palinazis astroturf the place?

    BH - Happy to "see" you as other than AC.

    • meh, cashflow, ads, political controversies and flames, usual stuff with websites. He put it back up, we'll see what happens. I *do* know I would rather do my editing in the evening than have to go to the piggly wiggly and bag groceries! but, it is his site, he totes the note. I've been on suspended animation status for a long time now but have been hanging in to see if there might be a turn around. It's a decent site, just needs more submissions and traffic and so on. I can only do so much part time, and B

      • by BlackHat ( 67036 )

        Thanks, zog. Good excuse for him. I doubt too many
        will beat him up over it. Keep us posted if you hang
        your shingle somewhere else.

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