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Comment Re:We all know what happens when stories like this (Score 1) 144

You know this how? What an ill informed opinion. As a grocery manager I can tell you people do know what it is and ask about it all the time. There is raw cheese legal to sell as I do at my store. Sign under it says "This product is made from RAW milk". So it sells more. There is a raw milk 'movement' (think bowels). They have to buy direct from farmers and it's a legal grey area. They seem kinda nuts to me though. Yes they really do know what pasteurization is. A LOT of ppl look for raw juice to keep the enzymes alive and all that. Buy a juicer nimwits!

Comment Re:Sounds like (Score 1) 1229

While I completely disagree with this, there is a fear based on reality that the GM crops will be in everything without choice or disclosure.
Is an example.
All gm products should be clearly labeled on the front of the package. But this would kill the sales.
So people respond with fear and aggression. GMO soy is in alot of shit now adays as soy is in a lot of shit as well.
There is also unhealthy processing...

Comment They should remember ... (Score 1) 537

I pay a lot for my extreme account. If I get capped or torrents blocked I'll just dump my service. While I'm at, it I'll dump my cable service and save like 2k a year at least. With that cash I can buy whatever I wanted to download. Lately no EZTV streams will work for me. Lame cuz it's like PVR'ing because I pay for extended cable service I just never really use it (wifey does). Maybe I will get a PVR and dump internet down to light. Either way the cable company is loosing money from me.

Comment If they have a Halo suit hand we may see some prob (Score 1) 154

I saw these kids trying to do UFC style chokes today.
I told them to stop and that chokes are NOT cool. One kid got hurt after ignoring me. Douche bag adult there was doing nothing to stop them.I would say watching UFC lead to them trying chokes (when they say " I didn't tap"). If they have access to a grim reaper minigun then we may be in trouble! If kids can emulate, they will! But to emulate call of duty they would need an arsenal hanging around and some friends to shoot. Good luck with that. If you have that in your house then you have problems.

Comment That's ok (Score 1) 461

Then I wont ship to your house. I can check the billing address with the credit companies to verify if that's the same as the mailing address. That is to say, I can access your zip code from your credit card number to verify that the item is being sent to the same address as the billing address. So I don't need to ask you; I can get your number without you.

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