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Comment Re:Good riddance! (Score 1) 279

Yeah, Obama did so much that you can't name one legitimate thing that he did. Sorry but the man is a completely worthless blowhard.

Like Michael Moore said, getting Trump into office would be like giving the government a big "fuck you" and would be like throwing a molotov cocktail into their midst. The current US government needs to be destroyed and Trump might be the man to start cleaning house.

Comment Re:Funny thing is (Score 1) 120

Do you know what that kind of seller follow up reminds me of? Homer Simpson's everything is OK alarm. Instead of the normal and rational method of having the customer contact the seller in the event that there is a problem (normal alarm that sounds when something is wrong), the seller continuously harasses the customer to check if everything is OK (everything is OK alarm).

Comment Re: Fans want Sonic to be different things (Score 1) 45

There is one awesome rail shooter FMV game that came out on the PC in 1994 called Novastorm.

Unlike most other FMV games, Novastorm's prerendered environment could actually damage your ship by scraping against it or crashing into it. The gameplay has some similarities with Gradius with the power up system. The visuals are really good for the time but the music is utterly fantastic and worth playing the game for. It's a shame that there isn't a CD quality version available because I'd pay for a clean, lossless copy of the soundtrack.

There was a later PlayStation version (maybe other systems too), but it had horrible music.

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