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Comment Re:It's not about the format (Score 1) 305

You can do better encryption with DVD. Indeed, HD DVD was originally little more than DVD with some new copy protection and more efficient codecs -- they switched to a higher-capacity blue-laser format because a) they wanted to compete with Blu-ray for the data storage market and b) videophiles were adamantly against red-laser HD video and didn't believe the cost savings were worth the quality loss that would come with lower bitrates. Check out the early posts about HD DVD at the Home Theater Forum or the AVS Forum (back in the days when HD DVD was still a red-laser format) and you'll see that virtually nobody supported it -- HD DVD would've been dead out of the gate if they'd launched as a red-laser 4.7GB format versus Blu-ray's blue-laser 25GB spec. But there was no reason to switch to blue laser if better encryption was all they were interested in.

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