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Denver Rejects UFO Agency To Track Aliens 80

Republicans weren't the only ones to win big yesterday. Aliens in The Mile-High City can breathe easier thanks to voters rejecting a plan to officially track them. From the article: "The proposal defeated soundly Tuesday night would have established a commission to track extraterrestrials. It also would have allowed residents to post their observations on Denver's city Web page and report sightings." Let the anonymous probings begin!

Comment This makes perfect sense, knowing SLO Sheriff... (Score 5, Funny) 324

This is obviously an attempt to stereotype all bears as pedophiles. This might make it politically easier to allow the hunting of brown and black bears in the county. It would also humiliate and shame the Downtown Association's bear that appears at farmers' market, helping to reduce the amount of "organic produce" in the county. Plus, it would allow the SLO Sheriff to seize the bear fountain in downtown SLO city, because it's "Just like the one that I [one of the deputies] wanted". Plus, it helps distract from other pressing issues. In fact, it makes a whole lot of sense for the Sheriff to issue an APB on pedobear.

Comment Re:Stop having control (Score 5, Informative) 167

He is hosting it on a proper server. From TFA:

A university spokesman said: “UCL does not approve of or condone this site. We therefore advised the student to take the site down, but he declined to do this. UCL has no jurisdiction over the site, as it is not UCL-hosted. We have, however, taken disciplinary action against the student for bringing the college into disrepute and he has been fined.”

Comment Re:Sanctimonious hypocrites (Score 1) 491

We are, and have almost always been a "bastion of civil rights". Even during slavery we had a republic and rule of law, even if not everyone was included. Even this was better than anywhere else in the world at the time. We may not be perfect, but we at least try to be the good guys. As wrong as almost all of those things you mention are (the internment of Japanese, German and Italian Americans was a justified and necessary security measure at a time when we faced a possible fifth-column threat from these groups. Seizing their property without compensation was not justified however...) well over 50 years into our past.

Comment Re:TNSTAAFL (Score 4, Insightful) 163

Moreover, it doesn't really solve the problem. Universities would still get more funding (except, the funding would from the government) for more students, so they would still have a reason to try to recruit students. This would in turn give them a reason to fudge their US News rankings and whatnot, much as the current system did.

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