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Comment Re:Mining is dangerous. (Score 1) 183

And this is how you ruin your perfectly good setup.... tell people about it. Now every kook and get-rich-quick wannabe will descend on NY's streets looking for dropped jewelery and whatnot with metal detectors you would expect to see at the beach and leave this guy with nothing except competition. Loose lips do what, again?

Comment Re:What the hell (Score 1) 321

That is retarded.

Dial 911, simply do not SAY anything but do not hang up. cops will be on the way.

What moron thinks the 911 dispatcher will go "hello? hello? Nobody there, I'll hang up and ignore it....."

That only works with Landlines. On a cell phone, unless you repeatedly call 911 OR the operator can hear some sort of disturbance in the background, AND have a Wireless Phase 2 phone, you won't see any cops.
The fact is, with as many 911 butt dials that are received, and the uncertainty of location of silent cell phone callers, cops are not going to be bothered with hunting them down.
2 cool stories: 1) I got a call on 911 from a cell phone where the guy was shouting into the phone his address over and over and would state that he's not sure if this is working because his clam-shell phone was split in two by his boyfriend. I sent units to that address and the guy apologized and said nothing was going on, everything was fine, he just panicked a little. Point? It doesn't matter what an operator hears, it's what the cop finds when he gets there. and 2) Using Wireless Phase 2, another operator and I tracked an open line 911 call throughout the city while listening to a conversation about wanting to go buy crack, buying the crack, and discussing where to smoke the crack. Once they parked at the cemetery, we sent a unit to investigate. Unit approached and asked what they were doing. Short discussion later, unit asks if either has a cell phone on them and if they would take a look at it. "Aw shit" was the last thing we heard. Unit couldn't search them for drugs because he didn't have justification, even though they were on a recorded line during the deal. Again, doesn't matter what we hear, it's what they witness when they get there.

Comment Re:no, that's not right (Score 2, Funny) 102

Universe expansion will create causal separation in the future, but not the past. It doesn't limit how far away you can see something, because you are looking at something in the past, but it does prevent you from going there. Because looking backward in time, the universe is shrinking, and you can see more and more of the universe going back. Looking forward in time, everything is getting more separated, and, for far regions of space, the rate of separation is higher than light can catch up to.

You just blew my mind

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