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Comment Is this possible (Score 1) 475

Is this even possible long term? What would have happened if you stored all of your information on PATA drives 10 years ago, its rare to find a motherboard with PATA on it now, yes there are converters and 3rd party PCI cards, but those are eventually going to dry up too.

Now, say you choose SATA, what happens when M2 becomes the defacto standard? So, why dont you choose M2? What happens when M2 is phased out?

It is not just the file system and the data you need to think about, its the physical hardware too. With the rate things change in hardware, and connecting that hardware to other hardware, its unrealistic that you could expect to be able to use your current storage media in 10 years, let alone 20, 30 or 40 years.

Comment Robodial (Score 1) 280

On my very first job as a programmer, got given a "special task", which i jumped at with it being my first job and wanting to impress.

Ended up being a fax machine robo-dial app which had a list of over 2 million fax machine numbers, would cycle them all sending them a fax with our marketing information, and then loop back to the beginning and start again on the next piece of material. Would even switch the numbers it came from to disguise it was coming from the same place. Sent 2 million faxes every 3 days or so (using 90 outgoing lines).

Was initially an internal app, but the company was so impressed with what i came up with, they packaged it and started selling it as a product.

If you get robo-dialed faxes in the UK, its probably my fault...

Comment Replace "the cloud" (Score 1) 262

Replace "the cloud" in everything written with "some virtual machine(s) somewhere within an amazon data centre in a specified location", otherwise known as, a virtual private server.

The cloud is a fancy sales word for a set of scripts that a VPS provider uses to make it easier to deploy to and manage their VPS system. Nothing more, there is no more risk in putting medical info on a "cloud" server than there is on any other internet facing server, not that all cloud servers are cloud facing.

For example, i have several azure mssql cloud instances, none are internet facing, but still afford the scaling that "cloud" services give.

Submission + - Hotel in UK tries to stifle freedom of speach ( 1

Bizzeh writes: A couple have been "fined" £100 by a Blackpool hotel for leaving critical comments on Trip Advisor. Not only unfair trading practices, but stifling freedom of speech, and a violation of privacy and illegally storing credit card details.

Comment The main problem... (Score 1) 249

Aside from lack of privacy, the main problem i have with contextual ads is: Say i go to Halfords website to buy a few things.. Later that day, i will be inundated with ads for those particular products, from halfords. Why am i being targeted for things i have just bought a hour ago? When the analytics script should catch from the checkout page that i bought these. Contextual ads are always too late for me, I am constantly seeing advertisements for things i have already bought, or have already done.

Submission + - Why Microsoft skipped Windows 9

Bizzeh writes: Microsoft may not be everybody's favorite company, but they are the kings of backwards compatibility. When testing what was Windows 9 (and is now Windows 10). It seems like they came across some compatibility issues from the Windows 9x days. Mentioned by Mikko Hypponen on twitter (, quite a lot of products test the version string with "indexOf("windows 9")". Using searchcode, we can see what he means.

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