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Comment Re:Is 3D all that? (Score 1) 98

You're stupid and wrong. That's all I can do here, because now its about faith. You asked for anyone, and yes I am. Prometheus with Charlize Theron in tight white 3D, Tron the unspeakable with Beau Garrett in tight white 3D...

Avatar sucked, retroactive 3D sucks, animation is the Bees bollocks. 3D Jesus is one dimension better than your 2D Jesus.

So yes, people disagree with you. Also, VR gives 3D a new platform. Yes its nit holographic, but 3D content helps bridge the gap between 2D and VR.

Lemme guess, you hate that too? Wrong and stupid, and you will burn in hell for your sins against my dimension.

Comment Re:Interesting sleep arrangement (Score 1) 98

The moment teachers taught people to learn from context instead of a philosophy textbook. So pretty much as soon as someone not schooled in the jargon heard it.

You are arguing for a commonplace understanding of jargon, which is specifically and locally defined. That will never happen. We misuse terms from all kinds of professions all the time, as people.

So I guess you could ask us to stop being people. Or we can go back to classifying you as a girl. At one time that was gender neutral. Hardly the case now. Anyway, since the day it was uttered us the short answer.

Comment Re:Unusually +ve but what's in it for refusniks? (Score 1) 368

Office 2013 is keyboard antagonistic, and server 2012 as well. I can argue about telemetry and other shit all day, but when it takes me longer to accomplish things, that's a deal breaker.

Grab the mouse, focus on a box, continue? Or learn the number if times to hit tab? Win 7 added a ridiculous number of tab stops just in explorer, and I still don't forgive that. The keyboard jockey days are numbered. I can't get behind that.

There is literally a negative total of "what's in it for refuseniks", purely on UI alone.

Comment Re:Anything for work (Score 1) 239

None of that is unnecessary code. You get larger debug symbol files, but it is way easier to debug and test. At a minimum, have a single return value, instead of returning whatever half a line of method calls do, so you can break point the end of the method, instead of all or its callers.

Disposing auto-dispose objects is unnecessary code is really not good practice, because how thorough is the twice disposed code path going to be tested? I would call it a bug.

Comment Re: Still Valid (Score 3, Insightful) 159

Null result is valuable if you know what you're looking for, can prove that your detector works, and still detects nothing. In this case, we have a detector that may work for some guesses as to what dark matter is.

So the only value here is knowing that dark matter is not any of the things this detector would find. And lest you claim that is valuable, we don't know why it didn't work, so we can't rule out a lot of stuff.

Considering it was $10 million and being upgraded with 5x spending, it seems deliberately half hearted, a first stab to test for false positives, or get lucky. Build the environment and staff, then commit.

Comment Re:Soros? (Score 1) 1140

Or, maybe we just start with $1000 the first year, and remove any overhead for anyone already qualifying for that much. I bet it pays for itself, and we move to $10k as we can eliminate redundancy and waste. Bet we get there sooner than expected.

Maybe the starting point needs adjusted, but we can start next year and refine it, instead of listening to obviously boneheaded arguments like this one.

Except... So many people think this is exactly why it will never work, and should not be implemented. Not people with something to gain, but something to lose, arguing against what would help them. That's the real problem this faces. Not Soros or any other talking head, but the institutionalized ignorance they feed on.

Comment Re:What could possibly go wrong? (Score 1) 126

So explain this to me. Office 2013 is a step back in usability for keyboard jockeys. There are things I cannot do without either using a mouse, or hitting TAB a bunch of times. And TAB doesn't go in any sensible order. And the whole OS is heading that way.

Won't telemetry data help Microsoft figure out how people use things? When submitting a request via or whatever, they will actually have data that yes, people use it that way, and they should fix it.

The super telemetry data is overkill, certainly. But how does this hurt anyone?

In addition, the people most likely to benefit (knowledgeable techies) are the ones most likely to disable it and be underrepresented in the sample data. And the decisions continue to go against the power users, many of whom don't have a choice in the OS being used.

I expect transparency, and I expect to be able to capture and decode all traffic. But that opens the door to spoofing, and I suspect that may be frowned upon. If they manage to do it the right way, I have no objection to telemetry. If not, then no one should stand for it.

But a blanket objection, to opt out of something that will benefit you? It makes no sense. When I use the keyboard exclusively, then have to click a mouse on the Save dialog (or maybe Save As), that should be a red flag, and that needs fixed.

Comment Re:Actual DoD statement on the subject (Score 5, Interesting) 126 has 3 relevant rules for Windows 10. It must be deployed by January 2017, Domain-joined systems must use Windows 10 Enterprise Edition, and Windows Telemetry must be configured to the lowest level.

It's right there. DISA is the DoD cyber rule maker, and you don't have to be military to read or use their guidance.

There is no special build. And apparently basic telemetry is fine.

Comment Re:I'll believe it when I see it... (Score 1) 237

"PCWorld tested the four browsers and found this claim to be valid." I guess that's double bullshit on you, dumbass.

Or maybe you can science that shit and what's different between you and PCWorld... and discover why you are an outlier. Or expose PCWorld as a shill. Otherwise you're not helping.

Dud you expect a bunch of replies so Microsoft and Netflix and your isp would triage your problem? That's not how this works.

Comment Re:Latency (Score 1) 159

Wait, an actual explanation instead of "because profits, and also fuck you"? What site am I on?

Ah yes, it is a rather narrowly targeted question about technical details, instead of business, politics, or sociology. Therefore, the guy who thinks he's right probably will be.

Well done. The rest of youse guyse, still on notice.

Comment Re:Streaming is decent (Score 1) 72

My cc expired, in the middle of binge watching, with no explanation. I didn't mean to cancel, but I got amazon prime two says later.

Recommendations aren't nearly as spot on, but Wtf ?

Now I paid for prime, Netflix lost me for a year. It's not like they will expire their owned content. Fuck me, they will do that just to boost profits, but not anytime soon.

Comment Re:"The pound dropping" (Score 2) 197

I'm not sure brexit will even happen. I see a new referendum requiring at least 60% with a minimum of voter participation if less than 60. Which is what they should have done, instead if allowing literally a 1 vote difference to make drastic changes to a lot of people's lives.

Cameron fucked that up, but there were already petitions in place before the vote, that may be considered.

I'm not taking a stand on what brexit means to anything for at least six months. Sure if its your job carry on, but on a us centric news aggregator its just having a toss.

Comment Re:Or bash it with actual proof... (Score 1) 470

Radiation never caused death, until it was understood. Suddenly walking around with a pocket full of curium was bad.

Again you are looking for some sort of proof. Patterns, consensus, any data on things that are not understood well enough to declare that what nature does with what we contribute will be safe in the wild.

You make the same retarded mistake as all pompous science assholes who believe themselves right just because there is no current data otherwise.

I said we don't have all of the data, and you ask for data I said we don't have. That doesn't mean you are right, it means you're ignorant, pompous, or a dittohead.

Show me that we have reached a sort of genetic Planck limit where we have no more surprises, and you win. Till then, you are free to have your opinion that you know all there is to know. I don't mind avoiding arguments with the ignorant. But I at least try to let you think about how you might be missing something very important.

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