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Comment Re:For all those calling for Snowden's pardon (Score 2) 468


Goddammit, you can't even get pedantry right. Sure the president has pardoned people who haven't been tried, but that was a different president. This one could, but all signals point to that not happening.

Pardon means no crime happened, no record. I can imagine some form of clemency after a conviction, but no pardon up front. The evidence for Manning was pretty much available on WikiLeaks.

What Snowden leaked is not known, especially since the reputable news organizations were asked to be careful about what was reported. The actual extent of his actions are not known, so it's hard to know what is being pardoned. I wouldn't agree to that as Commander In Chief.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 3, Insightful) 468

One, Compelling a person to say things is kind of tyrannical, isn't it? We have completely disintegrated as a society by placing the "feelings" of everyone above everyone else's feelings. Sorry cupcake, but YOUR feelings do not trump (no pun intended) my feelings.

I feel like you're kind of a sanctimonious shitbag. I could go on, but I feel like I've made my point.

Imagine being in real life when someone like you says stupid things, and then everyone decides to agree with you and label you the sanctimonious shitbag for the rest of your life. Table for one for sanctimonious shitbag. Now attending, sanctimonious shitbag. May I please speak with raging ignorant asshole? Oh sorry, I apparently reached sanctimonious shitbag by mistake.

Sure it doesn't hurt your feelings now, internet tough guy, but you consider how this really shakes out if we go with the way you want, which is really just for *you* to be able to say anything you want.

Comment Re:Just can the entire guest worker series. (Score 1) 532

This only makes sense if you want it to fail. Because the companies that can afford it will benefit, locking out business that genuinely needs employees, but can't afford it.

$100k minimum prices some people out, but they are probably paying close to that now, so it would be statistically insignificant. Unlimited maximum means Blue Chips and unicorns get the help they need, while everyone in price sensitive industries and services like B2B suck it.

The idea was supposed to be prevailing wage, which is a solved problem via the Service Contract Act and Wage Determination. H1B was supposed to be that for white collar workers, since salaries are fluid and negotiated. But it allows people to work where they are needed.

Denying visas to anyone replacing a current or recent employee or contractor is a better path, as well as priority hiring for people with work history and experience to replace a visa holder.

Comment Re:People apparently forget how the system works.. (Score 1) 272

Not going to happen. Administration does not want to pardon for blanket offenses, only to learn that something really dangerous leaked, and just hasn't shown up.

Obama wants a trial with evidence, and if that shows nothing more than what we have seen, it is a crapshoot at best, but possible.

And Trumpster Fire will probably put him in a Russian gulag, so time ran out.

You idiots arguing the pedantry of possibilities ignore context and reality. And in reality, the only reason Obama has to pardon Snowden is poking Trumpster Fire in the eyeballs. Which would be great, but the political blowback for any democrat running for the next 4 years would be trouble. All of the Russian ties news would be shouted down by "at least he didn't pardon an actual traitor."

Comment Re:But where's the chain of custody? (Score 1) 389

No, and you're stupid. They don't guarantee against data loss, at all. If they break your hard drive you get a replacement, no data retrieval effort.

They see a crime and report it, and follow the directions of the popo, which will typically be stop touching it. There is no chain of custody, and you are free to fight that, as well as bring up the possibility of someone wanting a quick payday.

If the prosecution decides it can't provide a basic rebuttal, you may see the charges dropped.

Everything you said applies to each case, and should be considered in each. That's why we have a legal system, instead of summary execution. That doesn't mean we throw out every case just because some armchair lawyer sees potential issues based on a summary of the facts.

Comment Re: No shit Sherlock (Score 1) 389

Just an arbitrary citizen. You are not an agent of the government for reporting a crime. The reward is not payment for doing a job. And there is no legal decision or law that I'm aware of saying otherwise.

That will not come up in this case, because of all of the other clearly illegal things that happened. So it won't change now.

Comment Re:This is no technical problem (Score 1) 196

They want a software solution, so here it is. Software firewall that blocks outgoing data based on a public whitelist, and incoming connections on a whitelist based on local devices. If a severity threat is detected, disable internet.

Security threat detection function can do all kinds of heuristics, then return true.

Comment Re: Terrible advice (Score 1) 427

For someone who asks nerds for advice, this is terrible. Growing a backbone isn't something you get right the first time, guaranteed. So you make noise, and give someone an opportunity to fire you. Given the slightly incredible environment, with no official channels available, firing is the likely outcome.

You could land another job, give notice, then spend two weeks verbally detailing your reasons for leaving. But I agree that the exit interview is the only real opportunity to make your case.

In a different environment, grow a spine would work, but not here.

Comment Re:Redefining words (Score 1) 434

3D means height, width, and depth, and what we labeled 3D since the 50's in movies does that. The viewmaster, and similar experiments since photography started, were popular, but inconvenient. It was 3 dimensions

Feel free to come up with a real reason, but this isn't it.

Also, the lenticular displays in EVO 3D phones, and some LG TVs kinda shoots the glasses argument out.

3D was rushed to market with low frame rates and heavy glasses, wad expensive, and had little content. I want 3D, but buying the equipment and content is cost prohibitive. It would become a lifestyle, not a hobby, and not just an alternate medium.

It will remain niche until it is nearly effortless, which includes glasses, but everything else as well.

Comment Re:what? (Score 1) 219

It clearly falls under YRO, as this is just a government extension spy agency acting as a taxi service. Business getting involved with personal decisions has long been a staple in these hallowed halls.Given the age of consent, the girl was probably well within her rights, and this meddler got her age wrong by 25%. Doubt that was accidental.

So yeah, your rights are being trampled on and you don't want to know about it? Clearly you aren't a 16 year old involuntary full contact massage therapist, and you don't care about their rights. Monster!

Comment Re:A note about piracy (Score 2) 87

Also, labels tried repeatedly to increase the streaming royalty, squeezing some providers out completely. The revenue surge is as much due to royalty increases, as streaming activity.

A few more years and they will look for another increase, in an attempt to kill the golden goose.

They have to accept that they lost control, that streaming is their revenue stream now. Of course the best outcome is everyone goes indie and the RIAA dies quickly, but that's just a dream.

Comment Re:So let me see if I understand (Score 1) 164

Disk io has had priority, such that in NT 4 and above, you can watch controls get painted line by line, if io is happening. Even if no swapping is taking place.

This was discounted in NT 4 as underpowered servers, in W2K as cheap memory or HDD, and in Vista as shitty coding. But the problem remains in 7 at least.

Heavy io with minimal CPU means nearly zero CPU to spend at all. Even if io is only intermittently heavy.

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