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Comment Re:Foul, oversimplification (Score 3, Informative) 346

Sigh. Where do the prisoners go? Not USA, because of Congress. To another Gitmo? Hardly an answer. Go free? That gets way complicated.

Congress blocked the obvious path to closing Gitmo. Remember, Congress can override a veto with enough votes, so the President can't just thwart the lawmakers. He only enforces the laws within the legal framework, and your objections are addressed here.

Comment Re:For profit prison industry ... (Score 2) 118

I agree but your post is off topic. Indiana seems to be trying to avoid using this as a service, and using it more for pacification. Other states have implemented the service model, but I see no indication here.

I would support Indiana and encourage them away from fees, rather than attacking a problem that exists elsewhere.

Comment Re:So many questions (Score 2) 52

Is OCR that good yet? I understand that PDF can store the image, along with the text metadata for searching. So the text can be improved while retaining visual fidelity for when OCR improves. Or when an intern deciphers the handwriting.

But as you say, I would want to do a lot of cleanup that relies on local availability, not cloud nonsense.

And mid trial when AWS dies due to a typo, I'm going to go apeshit and your design is defective. So they have piles of disclaimers which automatically make this a suboptimal solution.

Comment Re:Holy Blinking Cursor, Batman! (Score 1) 221

I interviewed with this guy (diff language but same interview). Failed the trivia game, got the job anyway. Now people think he is an ineffectual dick, and I get stuff done.

Obviously my perspective has bias, but you can include the trivia bits to gauge formal learning from experience. A good formal education, complete with real world examples, can make a good interview, and an employee just good enough to be hard to fire. So you really should include some trivia.

Even if your sole purpose is to avoid the guy whose code reviews reject things on academic grounds, and allow system file exposure.

Comment Re:The objection ignores Bostrom's basic argument (Score 1) 412

And the objection is basically that simulating our universe is hard, or at least enough paragraphs in a row that I stopped reading.

Discontinuity between quantum and classical effects makes more sense on a simulated plane than a real one. The ability of an AI to notice such things seems like a quirk of the AI framework, and believable. So the argument here actually supports the simulation more than hurts it. Making a simulation and this is how it turned out, in other words, is easier than getting everything working as intended.

The argument that things are slightly possible, and our universe so big, that those things are inevitably true, is gargage. But so is this argument.

It's almost like people believe things, then look for evidence or reasoning that supports them, instead of putting the conclusion at the end of the process.

Comment Re:Illegal Speech (Score 1) 554

It's not free speech because the ADA did not exclude creative content.

Now it's your fault.

You have standing to sue, alleging that free speech exceptions for creative works outweigh the ADA requirements, and that you were harmed, and get that enshrined in case law.

You haven't yet, so blame yourself. I personally cannot claim standing, so it ain't my fault this time.

That should answer all of your questions.

Comment Re:Let them see lots of good code (Score 1) 347

Most coders will read more than they write, especially if they forget their own code.

I learned a lot from MESS/MAME code, and I do almost 0 C today. But I remember how to write. Write, read someone else, and give feedback.

Clever one liners are neat, but almost always compile the same as using intermediate variables. One is easier to read and debug.

Comment Re:64-bit (Score 1) 195

Your experience with other ides means Visual Studio should be 64 bit? Nope, sorry, try again. Everything else is 64 bit? Not a good justification.

Your scenario of lots of stuff doesn't make sense for VS. You would have a current config and target for each project, but that info is mostly for the build chain. The IDE loads some metadata, but you're more likely to run out of memory due to larger pointers than anything else.

There are good ones out there, but you haven't really made an effort here.

Comment Re:milking it (Score 1) 474

You are the definition of "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."

Smart enough to be cynical, but not smart enough to offer any evidence. If you worked in silicon, I'd like to hear your story.

Otherwise, shut your piehole and let the adults talk. Want to blame it on the illuminati or aliens? Stuff it up your arse.

Comment Re:$150K to prevent these sure looks cheap now (Score 1) 30

No, they chose not to have a recurring cost year on year if $150k plus overhead, or roughly $300k. Plus a manager and likely a few coworkers, for maybe $1M per year.

Would have been worth it still, but you are ignorant of exactly what would be involved. Hiring one guy for all of yahoo would hardly be effective.

Add in third party teams providing support and access, and you have a huge cost center for no observable gain. Unless the CIO can sell the plan. And that's the CIO's job. Why don't we see that head rolling?

Comment Re:Stop changing what isn't broken MS. (Score 1) 249

No, because they are defragmenting the fragmented install base to eliminate as much bug hunting rework as possible.

QA suffered, with the hope that they would have to test and retest less due to a relatively monolithic base. Premature optimization. But the attempt continues, to address one platform instead of any combination of existing patches.

Wise move, poorly executed, poorly communicated.

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