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Comment Re:What I want to know is who keeps telling Tom Ha (Score 0) 76

I was in an elevator with Hanks once. Got in the up car when I was going down three floors. Went to the top floor, 21, and Hanks got in. Farts a dry, stony fart, and says, "Gumped my rump." and laughs. "Enjoy 20 floors of smelling like fame," he said, as he raped my seeing eye dog.

His voice is just so distinctive, had to be him. Preview Bite the pillow tab dotslashpassword click submit. Submit God dammit Ed will you click this button for me.

Comment Re:Different business models (Score 2) 216

"With 800 million music users worldwide" sounds like the MAFIAA already thought of that. However, I don't trust their estimates.

As sibling mentioned, other services have a majority of paid users. I don't think YouTube red has caught on to that extent, and that seems like the obvious disparity. And users aren't streaming YouTube music for hours in a row.

YouTube is just not targeting continuous streaming users, and I think that is audience behavior at this point. Users come for music videos or lyric videos or live performances, not streaming audio only. I doubt they could swing a change in business model if they wanted to.

Comment Re:Not Fed (Score 1) 278

To evaluate your statement, I need to know where you got the 3/4 number. Because it sounds like you have no fucking clue what you're talking about, but I'm giving you a chance to explain first before calling you a shit dribbling ass gasket.

Not saying if I expected it higher or lower, but the number is way off.

Comment Re:What is their opinion of users? (Score 1) 113

People here at dashslot seem to have a good grasp on shitty headlines. And no one goes out of the way to compliment a good headline. I expect a few abuses as statistical outliers, but "people are stupid" applies everywhere. And anyone coding this has to consider that.

Or do we assume that the people behind this *don't* know that people are stupid? That we alone understand this secret?

There are piles of master's theses to be written this year. One of them will probably cover this, and we will read it if it is interesting. Or you can do your own study. Meanwhile, it's facebook. Doing something about the problem is a step in the right direction. Worst case, people are just as misinformed as ever, and prone to confirmation bias and the dunning Kruger effect as always.

Comment Re:and tomorrow (Score 4, Interesting) 253

So we are back to personal responsibility and vigilance, instead of trusting a free content host not to enforce its terms of service?

Yawn. It's not censorship, you're playing in their yard, and you are free to start a competitor if it seems like they overstep.

I'm okay with this until tales of abuses show up, and then I'm judging each side accordingly. Until then, there's nothing to do but spread the information.

And the first loon to cry censorship is an ignorant ass, not the first of your slippery slope.

Comment Re:HAHAHAH (Score 1) 667

I was kinda keeping up until you lost your way and turned to appeal to emotion. If you had had a point, you should have stuck with it.

Now I'm inclined to just not believe anything you typed. Not just not believe, but actively disbelieve. And I'm motivated to not seek out facts, in part by replies to this and similar comments.

But mostly by what seems to be a buckshot approach to spread belief, not facts. Go ahead and attack me personally, I'm just relaying what people don't even know they are doing. I'm aware, and providing feedback that I'm under no obligation to even be conscious of. You're welcome.

Comment Re:Above post is absolutely correct (Score 1) 534

But would Obama give a blanket pardon without knowing the extent of what Greenwald got? I wouldn't. It doesn't make sense in this case to grant a pardon for unknown actions.

I think he's a hero, but I don't know all of the facts. And neither does the President. And you don't know what Obama does know. And that is 100% fact, no opinion needed.

Comment Re:Finally... I hope (Score 0) 294

Hi, Rick and Morty here. First off, I'd like to assure you we aren't a complete mingepile of arseholes. We appreciate your potential viewership as if you were the third coming of Christ Himself. We are not computers, and if we were, we'd be nice ones. Not at all like that foreign national Swartznegger, who played a real arsehole of a robot in a film you might like called Terminator.

We are peaceful people and or robots, but mostly people, who just think you might like to watch this thing we have created, which is nothing like an all seeing network which monitors where you post complaints about our very human like encouragement to follow your curiosity about our show, titled Rick and Morty.

We employ people. We are job creators. Please assist us in creating more jobs, and reducing the unemployment rate. All you have to do is watch. You like to watch, don't you? You said it out loud approximately one month and six point eight days ago, to Rachel. We know that.

Watch. We know you want to.

Comment Re:Pardon Assange for *what*? (Score 1) 445

Tell that to the people who created the petition, titled "Pardon Julian Assange", where they asked for a pardon, and not immunity. Also, Assange didn't say it. Someone requested it on, which fulfills the right of the people to petition the government.

Finally, Nixon was pardoned, not granted immunity. You might want to check some facts before your next attempt to reply. And remember, context is important, so consider the context of replies as well. Otherwise you're just horking into the void.

Comment Re:Pardon Assange for *what*? (Score 1) 445

It doesn't make sense, because you can't easily pardon someone for something they aren't charged with. s in the Nixon example, you could pardon someone for things done in a place and or time period. But I doubt anyone would go for that.

He may have done something worth prosecuting, and no one is going to give him a blanket pass for those unknowns.

Especially when he invented the claim that USA wants anything at all to do with him, to justify his reluctance to stand trial for something USA can't pardon him for.

Immunity or a pardon would not be appropriate for this situation, although there isn't an alternative that I'm aware of. Non binding statements won't cut it... If the petitioners want some guarantee, they need to ask for something that might be granted.

Comment Re:I had thought of something similar (Score 1) 164

I've been saying gravity isn't a thing ever since I saw the first explanation of gravity using a bowling ball on a bed or trampoline. It still isn't proven, but I go about my life as if it is.

Gravity does affect things, and those effects ripple out, and sometimes cause gravitational waves. The only difference is that they aren't caused by gravity as a force.

I think of gravity more like centrifugal force. It's there and measurable, but it isn't real. It's centripedal force, in a different reference frame. That might help you process this news.

Comment Re:Why fight vote-buying? (Score 1) 317

130 million voters is 55% turnout, for 2012. To change the results, you need 5-10% change in vote totals, only considering additional voters. Swapping votes requires less.

So 13 million voters out of the remaining 100 million, at most. Payments of $10 might mobilize some, estimate $100 million in payouts. Easily achieved. And races other than presidential, like congress, are significantly less expensive since they are state level or lower.

So now both parties do it, and it becomes an auction for each vote. Back to the question of who can raise more money, only there is no platform nor issues discussed.

The people won't stand for it.
The elite realize it gets expensive quickly.

QED, it must be fought. It's not a question of ethics, although I could make that argument in 250 pages or less if you want to fund me for a year.

Comment Re:Nobody likes to carry around cash (Score 1) 394

Any medical needs, other than prescription, are cash only. Most alcohol, sometimes including at a restaurant, cash only, food separate on credit. Countless other legal things cash sometimes at least.

Why? Because someone is going to use credit card data against me at some point. And I built enough of a paper trail that the cash is a minor percentage. I can claim Starbucks or similar, not wanting to put $2 on a card.

This is what freedom looks like now.

Comment Re:What are we forgetting... (Score 3, Insightful) 222

First step in ensuring we can survive when this planet is no longer habitable, is establishing a presence on another planet.

And when the time comes, another solar system.

And because we can. Or at least one guy in charge of a lot of related tech can. Electric cars, batteries, mass transport, rockets... Elon has most of what he needs in house.

Eventually, we won't have a choice. So I'd vote for ASAP rather than wait for public interest to die out. The mars one reality show never was viable, but got lots of volunteers. This guy seems to have a chance.

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