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Comment Games (Score 1) 215

I agree with the last part. There is not a big game out for the system that I'm dying to play. Once there is a big game, I'll probably cave and buy it. I understand the system, but I am not going to buy a new system when there is not a game that I really want to play for it yet.

Comment Agree and Disagree (Score 1) 278

I agree with you that there have not been great block buster games that I would consider tremendous works of art, but plenty of indy titles stir emotion and feel artistic. This is comparable to how movie block-busters like Iron Man that make millions are not very artistic, but smaller projects that often win the Oscars are.

The issue I see with gaming till now is not that games are made for profit, art and movies are still made for profit, it is that the barrier to entry was too high. To draw or shoot a movie or write a book you simply need paint or a camera or pen and paper respectively. I would put computer knowledge as a barrier as well, but that is a wash with the need for the talent needed to draw or write compelling stories. When it comes to games, people had to either settle for making simple games or they had to work for a studio that will impede their artistic vision for the sake of profit, understandably so since studios are businesses. Now more and more tools are being created to lower the barrier to entry, whether it is open source gaming engines or mobile markets like Android. As the barrier to entry for games continues to lower, their will be more and more games that approach art and it is a matter of time before a game arrives that is a piece of art.

Comment Re:Damned shame (Score 1) 362

The different buildings was an exaggeration, but if the game has no support for any kind of split-screen, then multiple systems and multiple copies of the game are necessary.

The only option in some games is online play and thus to play with a friend, you both need a system, the game, and an online account.

I'm sitting here right now trading the controller back and forth to play Goldeneye online with my roommate. I really wish they had split-screen online play like in the Halo series.

Comment Re:Daft Punk (Score 1) 412

I liked Clu as well.

It was him in the real world at the beginning that I found to be a bit off, but the scene only lasted about 10 seconds and I meant to be pointing out how good the CG was by showing this was my only complaint about it. Sorry if I came across as nit-picking.

Comment Re:Daft Punk (Score 1) 412

I meant in the very beginning when he is with his son and while he is still in the real world. He seemed out of place and creepy.

Once in the Tron world he fit in just fine and I had no problem with it, but maybe it just took me a second to get used to it.

Comment Re:Damned shame (Score 2, Insightful) 362

I would argue that this is the exact reason that split-screen is still necessary because without split-screen, then the person must to be in a different building with their own system and copy of the game.

It is nice to be able to still play with someone even when they cannot be right next to you, but there is no substitute to seeing your friends face right after you dominate them in some sweet split-screen.

Removing split-screen removes part of the social aspect of games.

Comment Re:Online Not a Replacement for Split-Screen (Score 1) 362

Fair enough. I don't actually know anyone who actually used the Linux compatibility for the PS3.

In reference to the average age of gamers, I don't honestly know what it is. I'm a senior in college and in my early 20s and will probably have roommates for a couple more years. I also have 2 brothers, so in my case I have always greatly valued split-screen and will continue to for a while, but I can see that when I'm older and have a family that it may become less important.

I still think that I would like to have the option to have someone over to play a game even if they don't own it or I'd like to be able to play with my kids while in the same room as them.

Comment Online Not a Replacement for Split-Screen (Score 1) 362

I agree. Online gaming is not a sufficient replacement for split-screen. I like playing split screen with my room-mates rather than them having to have an entire other system and internet connection. Including split-screen and online at the same time is a great idea as found in the Halo series.

I have Goldeneye for the Wii and am disappointed that it has split-screen and online multiplayer, but not at the same time. If me and one of my room-mates want to play, then we have to choose between playing 1-on-1 or trading the controller during online play.

Online and split-screen are both fun, but neither one should replace the other. The both serve important roles and complement each other.

Comment Re:Daft Punk (Score 1) 412

I agree that the music was amazing and the movie as a whole was pretty good.

I found a lot of the attempted twists to be very predictable, but I still enjoyed the movie.

Also the CG effects were good, but I felt the CG Jeff Bridges was kind of creepy looking when he first showed up.

Comment Re:Using TOR? (Score 1) 390

That is a pretty angry/violent remark for people who cut off business ties with wikileaks.

I flat out disagree that responding to a legal business actions with illegal violence or any other illegal action is appropriate. Some CEOs do deserve some kind of punishment, specifically the one's who screw over their own companies and employees for personal gain, but one's acting on what they think is the proper business move for their company do not deserve being murdered.

What ever happened to using words to convince people of your point of view and not resorting to illegal activities? You sound like an angry child who is not getting his way.

Comment Not gonna last (Score 2) 122

Casual games are designed to waste the people's life and money away not to be amazingly enjoyable. They're a grind that at first give a sense of accomplishment. I've played some before and after a few months, I looked back and went "wow that was a waste of time and my life." I'm not saying there won't always be new people to suck in or that some people will never realize how life sucking casual games are, but right now they are peaking. They have hit a fresh market of users that do not realize how much this is taking time away from other things they could enjoy or need to do. It is not some limitless cash cow like some people think. Sooner or later the market will stabilize and social games will simply be another genre of gaming, albeit a poorly respected genre amongst people who play any other kind of video games.

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