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Comment Evil Mice? (Score 1) 120

I've been using computers daily since 1979, and using a standard
keyboard at least eight hours a day since 1983. I have always used
the mouse as little possible. For the past ten years or so I've
used a trackpad for the little mousing I do (mostly the occasional
copy (I paste via keyboard) and the times I have to access a web
site that can only be used with javascript active (and even there
I use the keyboard shortcuts in Mozilla/Firefox as often as not)).
Oh, and it's probably worth noting that I use only the *main* keys
plus the function keys. I use the keys to the right of the enter
key only very occasionally, except for the shift-insert combo.

I have so far (knock on wood) never had more than the occasional
pain in my hands, and those pains I have had have gone away within
a day or two without treatment and probably had nothing to do
with my keyboarding.

I do practice the basic ergonomics (monitor in front so I'm looking
very slightly down, legs at ninety, elbows near ninetly and on
armrests, forearms supported in front of keyboard so wrists are
flat). I've done that since I started keyboarding daily in '83.

So either (a) a lot of RSI suffers don't do basic ergonimics
or (b) I'm lucky or (c) (my favorite theory) the mouse is
what's killing all you RSI sufferers.

For those who are curiuos, I achieve my minimal mouse usage via
the following programs: X windows, ION window manager, vi
editor, w3m-image browser with vi keybindings, snownews RSS
reader with vi keybindings, and pine mail reader (which I wish
had vi keybindings!)

If I had to do graphics work I think I'd get a digitising tablet.

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