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Comment Re:Distortion on distortion (Score 1) 271

When using fx boxes to emulate other hardware, you always want a high-power, distortion-free system that can reproduce exactly what it is fed. This way, when you employ "fuzzbox v.1.9" or "fender jazzman-ish rev 6", or the former feeding into the latter, they sound like those things, instead of those things plus new grunge.

This is typical for studios; the repro system is pristine. Because you always what to hear what's there, not what's there plus something the end listener won't hear, and because as I said earlier, no general *music* repro system should be operating in a regime where it is adding distortion -- because that sucks.

There are plenty of high-power, low-noise solutions that allow emulation to do exactly what it was designed to do. You just have to be savvy enough to pick them instead of that Marshall stack you always drooled over...

Comment Open source version of siri / echo (Score 5, Informative) 183

The answer is MyCroft

I plan on buying one of these the very soonest I can once they are actually shipping the hardware. Echo is crippled by the many limitations Amazon coded in on purpose -- it's basically something that looks up text matches and does something if it finds one. No language parsing worth a damn. Even so, it's very useful, and within those limits, you can make stuff for it, Amazon's pretty open about it as long as you can set up a secure server (ugh) or use their cloud (double-ugh.) Siri, as per usual for Apple, is a much more closed system, and frankly, it's of no interest at all to me because of that.

Mycroft is completely open source. I have very high hopes for it because of that. I have reams of my own natural language processing code I should be able to plug right in the moment there is a speech-to-text engine I can use directly. Others do as well. Custom apps in the home space, that are actually somewhat smarter than...

[if string == "turn on light" then TurnOnLight]

I suggest everyone check MyCroft out. Perhaps you'll be as enthused as I. I can hope. ;)

Comment Re:Stupid comments aside... (Score 2) 68

Viruses. In English, at least. In Latin, it would be vira. Third declination, not second.

And while I can at least understand that people who don't understand Latin but somehow learned that -us becomes -i in plural (yes, if it's 2nd and masculine instead of neuter), where the fuck does that second "i" come from?

Your answer is confusing, even though the result is correct.

Morphologically speaking, "vira" would be the proper plural precisely because "virus" is a second (not third) declension neuter noun.

Yet, it "virus" like "water" is uncountable so this plural is unattested.

But why do we always end up in this same Latin grammar and philology lesson?

Comment Re:It's the cost of the labor, stupid (Score 1) 146

The market gave me my first alternative in my apartment.
10 mbps uncapped already back in year 2000 for only $23.4 / month. By "Bredbandsbolaget" and ethernet, but it was very unusual and this was the first place in the nation.

The copper telephone network has been made by the government / their telephone company, that offered various DSL services. I'm not hooked up there but that would be another alternative.

By now there's also the cellular network of course. I don't know how many network constructionists we have because we have more cellular companies who rents capacity on those networks / use them for their services. Maybe there's 4-5 networks at-least to pick among.

Since I live in an apartment it's sure through the one who own the apartment which happen to be the municipality but regardless it's connected to cable TV. The cable TV company offer Internet through their network.

Finally and most importantly really the apartment is connected to the dark municipal network which have .. 10? different providers of capacity, and yeah, even my summer home which I'm never at can be connected to that thanks to EU which has granted money for building such networks to rural locations.

So as you know I've got lots of options, my mother out on the country side would just have copper/DSL and cellular network connection to pick from I think.

At one time back in the DSL days there was also talk about hooking people up through the power cables. And about at that time together with cable TV the idea of building a governmental network to hook everyone up died.

If you're doing it without the market IMHO the right thing to do is it what has been done here - build the infrastructure in the way of digging down the cables and then let others offer their services on them. I guess that also solve the issue with people in rural areas not being connected otherwise. If you let the market do it then you just have to move to a place where the market has felt it was worth to hook people up.. But with multiple providers which a cross-over of capacity which own their own networks and don't share you're of course over-spending on the infrastructure but on the other hand I guess they could had agreed on sharing too.

Sure the money ends up in Poland but on the other hand the reason it's cheaper there is most likely because they are poorer and work for lower salaries and pay less in rent and have cheaper land and .. Also it's not necessarily like you actually lose on giving them money if that give you cheaper items.
Protectionism is pretty stupid. Why grow tomatoes in Sweden and buy a Spanish truck when you can buy tomatoes from Spain and get a Swedish-made truck instead?

At-least if one actually do hate inequality between nations and that some are born more poor then others why care about jobs, spending and improvements happening mostly in poor countries?

Comment Re:Yeah, don't worry about this (Score 1) 146

No, it was a municipal car they had set on fire on this parking lot, three nearby cars where damaged though possibly including a black persons family van because he stood there when the fire department arrived and later moved it.

I have no car.
I've had a car parked here though and at-least one tire was cut though, I don't remember if it was multiple ones. Also my bike stolen possibly by a neighbor because the note was taken down in this stair-way only.

Comment Re:Who's gonna pay "THEIR FAIR SHARE"?!?!?! (Score 1) 146


Tax cut?!?!?

To encourage job growth?!?!

"Progressive" heads explode!

It's not really a tax cut - they will still spend the money just tax something else.

What it really is is political regulation of the choice of the people from spending their money on something else than a new bathroom, someone to clean their home or bicycle tube repair into doing one of those things instead because the taxation are different on the different choices.

By taxing something else more and this lower you just just as well see it as them spending tax money on repairing stuff people didn't thought was worth repairing otherwise. Because the government knows best. Which of course is all that Sweden is about and 100% socialist / authoritarian / anti-liberal / anti-choice.

/ Johan Krüger Haglert

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