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Comment Re:or? (Score 1) 312

You need a civilian boaters license in MA to operate a water vehicle under the age of 16. After that, your drivers license proves your age. You're not "required" to have a license after you're 16 as long as you can prove your age.

Comment I'm on Vacation now... (Score 1) 140

And i'm using a computer/tablet/smartphone/(would use the laptop but it is in the process of getting a screen replaced) I don't find it necessary to unplug while on vacation, it seems that you use a computer all day for work/school or what have you, and then you use it for recreation when you can go back and remember why computers are fun in the first place.

Submission + - Comcast DNS servers crashed (cnet.com)

BingmanO writes: Comcast subscribers from Boston to Washington, D.C., found themselves without Internet access Sunday night after a major outage affected parts of the East Coast. Comcast spokesman Charlie Douglas told CNET through e-mail that last night Comcast engineers identified a server issue that affected Internet service for customers primarily in the Boston and D.C./Beltway areas. Though the outage focused on Boston and Washington, D.C., a Comcast customer service technician reportedly told NBC News that there were "significant Internet outages" in Connecticut, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts, New York, and New Hampshire.

Comment Excellent (Score 1) 829

I have to say i enjoyed it as well. Although since i watched it online i got to play Discover Card memory game...which in of itself is ultimately lame. I'm very excited to see the direction they take. The one part i'm not happy about is the "humanized" long range communications device so earth knows where they are and can stay in regular contact. It seems to me the show would be more edgy if everyone on earth thought they were dead. I also have to say that Dr. Nicholas Rush is the equiv of Baltar from BSG, although so far he hasn't done anything outrageous (unless he contacted the Lucian Alliance to force everyone into the gate. ???)

Comment Blizzard (Score 1) 243

Out of all the companies in the market, Blizzard is still my favorite. They are consistent in quality and design. Their vision for a game sets the industry bar higher than most games on the market these days. Granted Warhammer will give WoW a run for it's money, but that's the beauty of the USA! The Diablo series is still my favorite and i cannot wait till D3. I hope it's incredibly detailed and doesn't stray too far from the first 2 in terms of game play and quality. By the way, your link doesn't work for the screen shots as of 4:06pm EST

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