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Comment Re:T-mobile (Score 4, Informative) 83

It does, here's a quote from the article regarding T-Mobile and AT&T:

"For example, in the USA, AT&T previously discussed plans for LTE on Band 4 but has only rolled out LTE on Band 17 to date, and is rumored to be turning to refarming its PCS (1900 Band 2) and Cellular (850 Band 5) holdings for additional LTE capacity, perhaps in the stead of AWS. T-Mobile US however will use AWS for LTE."

Comment Re:Lossless Audio Purchases? (Score 1) 220

<quote><p>If there where really that many people who could tell the difference between lossy compression and a flac file, I bet that amazon would be happy to provide it. 300-400mb for an album download probably makes no difference for them over a 70-90mb album download. But there is no demand, because current compression is good enough.</p></quote>

Agreed. Too bad though, looks like lossless is going to stay in the same niche as laserdiscs and blu-rays.

Comment Re:Lossless Audio Purchases? (Score 1) 220

Analogy time:

Can people really tell the difference between a game that runs at 60fps and 120fps? Most of the time, no, but for the times that they can (i.e. when the graphic rendering gets heavy), they wish they had forked over for a better graphics card.

Replace graphics with music and graphics card with lossless audio.

Comment Lossless Audio Purchases? (Score 2) 220

Label or no labels, I'll purchase from Google if they do the following:

1. Allow lossless music purchases
2. Allow purchased music to not count against your storage quota
3. Allow redownloading your purchased music "forever"
4. Price music well (by "well", I mean less than or equal to Amazon/iTunes/CDs)

#2-4 are probably a given, but I'm really not counting on #1 happening. Amazon doesn't do it and iTunes only has the ALAC* format. Google Music converts FLAC to 320kbps MP3 before uploading currently, so I'm taking that as a bad sign from Google for FLAC support. I'm just getting really tired of buying CDs and ripping them myself, so much so that my music purchases have gone down the last couple years**.

*ALAC is fine now that it's open source, but my Nexus S doesn't support that format natively. It doesn't support FLAC either, but Android 3.1+ added FLAC support, so I don't mind waiting for Android 4.0, which is coming "soon". Plus it was opened pretty recently, so I'm still waiting to see if how much software/hardware support it gets down the road.

**Remember that NFC chip on a CD case demo Google showed way back when (I think it was NFC)? i.e. tap the NFC to a reader device and Google will recognize the CD as a purchase and it shows up in your online account for playing/downloading. I wouldn't even mind that if Google went lossless, is that even available yet?

Comment So what? (Score 1) 121

Latency, frame rate issues, licensing, lag, etc etc etc. So what? If I had a laptop with a crap Intel graphics card that can't play the game I want with the physical disc or Steam, OnLive is great. Don't play the game or play the game that looks a bit worse than "it should", I'll play the game. OnLive isn't for the hardcore gamer (like me with my desktop), but for the casual gamer (like my sister with her college laptop). Don't like it? Fine, just leave the "subpar" gaming for the rest of the world, the majority in this case.

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