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Comment Frequently Asked Questions (cont'd) (Score 1) 309

On my screen, the end of the first posting is cut off without a link. Here's the rest of it again, just in case:

Q: Do you intend this as a permanent solution for low-connectivity areas?
A: No. In the long term, there needs to be better communications infrastructure in developing regions. This system provides an interim solution for delivering much-needed information. It also serves as a stepping-stone to full connectivity, as it simulates a web connection from the client machine. Once the infrastructure is available, many rural users will have developed familiarity with browsers, web pages, and search engines.

Q: How is the project funded?
A: We have never received funding directed for TEK. The project has been carried out on a low budget, using mostly undergraduates and funded by general research funds (e.g., a faculty startup package). One of the researchers, Libby Levison, worked on the project for an entire year without receiving any pay. As a policy, we have never applied for funding from any organization where we will be in competition with developing nations for the same dollar.

Q: Do you need any help with the project?
A: Yes! We are currently moving our CVS source tree to SourceForge, where we welcome open-source developers. We can also use help deploying the software in low-connectivity communities -- please find our contact information on our website. Thank you.

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