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Comment Re:Oh shit, "a refreshed user-interface" (Score 1) 96

This really, really, really scares me. These days, any time a UI is changed it often gets worse and worse. Just look at Windows 8. Just look at Firefox Australis. Just look at GNOME 3. Just look at MS Office. Just look at Android. Just look at Slashdot Beta.

You don't even have to look further than the last refreshed user interface from Apple! The flat, pastel look in IOS 7 and later is a big step back from the original classy UI.

Comment I'm conflicted (Score 2) 191

I'm conflicted here. On one hand, I despise Unity, so I think dropping it is a very welcome change. How refreshing that a company is actually listening to its users. I only wish it would have happened a long time ago. It's a bit ironic that the primary UI is shifting to GNOME though, who practically make a living from ignoring their users' wishes.

On the other hands, I feel really bad for these people who are now out of a job. They were most likely the devs who were just following orders to move Unity forward.

Comment Re:The touch sensor is tied to the CPU. (Score 2) 130

Do you think all those "fixit" shops were buying their parts from Apple? Apple only sells to authorize service persons, and they only sell to them because they have been trained in proper repair techniques.

They're not buying stolen parts, if that's what you're implying. There is more than enough demand for 3rd parties to manufacture replacement Apple parts. I just bought a brand new replacement LCD for an iPhone 6 for all of $25.

Comment Not impressed (Score 1) 104

I'm not a fan of removing the home button AT ALL, and I dislike the rounded edge screens. You know what I *would* pay for, though? A phone that didn't need a case, and that could be dropped from chest height with no visible damage. That is the next killer feature in my book. Paying top dollar for a slick-looking phone that you have to wrap in an ugly, thick Otterbox case to hope to *maybe* protect it, is a waste of a good design.

Comment Re:Finally, I can switch to Gnome! (Score 4, Insightful) 118

I'd upvote you a thousand times if I had mod points today.

Ubuntu (via Unity), GNOME, and Microsoft have all completely jumped the shark to support a class of users that, as best as I can tell, does not exist. I use Linux as my main work OS, day-in day-out. I know exactly zero people who use Ubuntu, GNOME, or Windows on tablets. These three are removing usability piece by piece to support a glorious future that no one wants. At least on Linux there are sensible UI alternatives like xfce that allow people like me to get work done, but that does not spare us from the destruction of useful apps running in that UI, like gedit as mentioned above.

Comment Relevant SNPs (Score 1) 28

If you have access to your genomic data via 23andme or some other service, you can look up your own status on this. The relevant SNPs appear to be rs1990622 and rs6966915. In both cases, the "good" results are homozygous, and "bad" results are heterozygous.

Comment Everything I don't want in a phone (Score 1, Insightful) 71

Maybe I'm an exception, but the S8 seems to move Samsung in the direction of everything I don't want in a phone. I want physical buttons and a home button in the front -- I absolutely loathe the on-screen buttons that other Android phones use. And why exactly would I want the fingerprint reader in the back? Or any button on the back, for that matter? I fingerprint unlock my S6 all the time while it's sitting flat on my desk. Also, I much prefer the flat screens over the curved "edge" screens. The S8 will come only in "edge" models.

This seems like a redesign that moves away from the very things that made the Galaxy line popular.

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