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Comment Re:Welcome to Florida... Sieg Heil! (Score 0) 1219

That is quite a leap to go from nanny state to supporting drunk drivers. You have an amazing knee-jerk imagination.

I am saying that I oppose pulling over sober drivers and stripping them of their rights just because you have a badge and gun. Just because someone is driving on a particular road does not give police the right to pull them over and test their sobriety. The person should either be driving in an impaired or reckless manner, someone been observed drinking in the vehicle or been observed leaving a place serving alcohol.

Comment This is just what we need... (Score 2, Insightful) 794

a bill to make our food taste awful. Let us just take a look at how this can help. Just think of all the money people will save by not going out to eat because the food tastes like shite. Of course if people stop going out to eat then restaurants will have to lay off workers or even go out of business. Those people that are now out of jobs can save what little money they get on unemployment by not going out to eat - at least for a few months until their unemployment runs out and they lose their homes. More lost jobs because some shite for brains politician knows nothing and wants to get his name in the paper.

Instead of cutting salt out of their diets people could get healthier by getting more exercise - like kicking politicians in the ass when they have stupid ideas.

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