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Comment Re:The Jury system has no place anywhere (Score 2) 387

sigh... anon, the framers of the US constitution disagree with you. If a dozen or so randomly chosen citizens can't come to an agreement on what a law means, then the law is too complex. Otherwise laws can be written such that anyone can be thrown in the slammer or fined for arcane phrases interpreted by "experts" in ivory towers. Juries are used as a hedge against many other tricks used by powerful governments against it's citizens as well.

Comment Re:RT -- Russian propaganda machine. (Score 1) 502

A public television station has a channel (12.3) here in Denver that broadcasts international news programs. They broadcast RT a couple of times a day. What I find funny is... RT stands for "Russia Today" and the program is 100% about the United States. Specifically about people in the United States who are angry for some reason or another. There are almost no stories about Russia. That said, sometimes they have interesting guests and interviews.

Comment I agree... BUT (Score 1) 502

I agree with much of what this guy said. However his assertions that speaking truth to power draws wrath have been true forever... and more so in the past. If this guy would have blown the whistle on NSA wrongdoing in the 1950's he probably just would have disappeared. In my opinion, in the United States at least, it is less dangerous and easier today to "speak truth to power" than it has ever been.

That being said, we really need to put the breaks on the US spy machine and the US global empire in general. It costs too much and I'm just not interested in participating any more.

Comment Re:So from here on out ... (Score 1) 2416

Sick people and people who suffer traumatic injuries are potential "freeloaders"? So in your world, the "good man" without insurance dies along the side of the road like a bloated raccoon? The person who is broken and mutilated by a hit-and-run, who doesn't have insurance, should just bleed out where they are and die? For if they don't, they are "freeloaders"? For your community's sake, I hope you aren't a first responder.

Comment Reminds me... (Score 1) 809

This reminds me of when everyone fumed that Dick Cheney was running the world. Dick Cheney couldn't do anything that George Bush didn't sign off on.

Microsoft can't do anything the hardware manufacturers don't sign off on. Microsoft doesn't run the world. If they have some hair-brained idea that gets enshrined in hardware, don't blame Microsoft... blame the hardware people. Don't buy their crap! There are many different processors and platforms that run modern operating systems. Tell Blizzard to port Diablo and Wow over, then wave farewell to Microsoft.

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