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Comment Re:I'd run KDE if I could disable ... (Score 1) 818

I've just tried Chakra Linux with KDE 4.3. It took me ages to find the settings you mention. Another thing that drove me mad was disappearing windows.when window was just above the task-bar if you moved cursor accidentally over the task-bar your window would disappear and another would pop up. I had to search through maze of settings to find that I need replacement task-bar not the icon one. I can't understand why they use so flashy default settings and do not provide some kind of desktop wide configuration for more conservative approach. To me such problems show that KDE project has wrong priorities. If there was no cinnamon I would probably switch to XFCE with Gnome-do.

Comment I'd run KDE if I could disable ... (Score 1) 818

I'd run KDE if I could disable those annoying decorations. Recently I have tried KDE 4.8 and I couldn't switch of those huge shiny tool tips that appear on the desktop. I find them very distracting. I don't use desktop to admire all fancy effects and decoration, but to do real work. I hate when lots of huge shiny tool tips pop on the screen when you move mouse. I spoke to my KDE loving friend and even he didn't know how to switch that silly thing off. I have used KDE3 first it was OK, later I have discovered Gnome2 and I think it was equal or better than MacOSX. KDE has potential of being best desktop environment, but somebody has to enforce some decent usability.

Comment maybe you need to grow up (Score 1) 647

Young kids growing up using bicycle training wheels will think this is the totally natural way to ride a bicycle and you old dads ranting about using only two wheels will sound like some old school commandline crank going on about how mouses ruined human computer interaction.

Comment What about usability to the core? (Score 1) 647

Starting applications in Gnome.

Launching favourite application
Gnome2: 1) click on a favourite icon on the panel
Gnome3: 1) go to top left corner, 2) click on a favourite icon on the launcher

Launching other applications eg. in Internet section
Gnome2: 1) click on Application, 2) Click Internet, 3) launch the application
Gnome3: 1) go to top left corner, 2) click the Application button, 4) wait few seconds (on 3GHz CPU with NVIDIA) so the application icons will show. 4) go from top left corner to far right edge of the screen, 5) Click Internet, 6) wait for icons to show, 7) launch the application

Comment interesting response of a petty polititian (Score 1) 140

Website of unimportant Kraszewniki parish council has been hacked.
It displays following message.
This website has been hacked by AntonyMause Group. Stop ACTA!
Apparently, in response the village mayor has posted following message:

Dear inhabitants of Kraszewniki parish,

Due to numerous complaints of the parish inhabitants about ACTA I would like to state that I have changed my mind about ACTA. As the village mayor I declare that I oppose ACTA!

Due to our IT man being off sick I appeal to hackers, which have suspended our internet site, I appeal once again to revert the site to it's previous content. Otherwise I will have no choice but to change my mind about ACTA.

Roman Kumiak

Mayor of Kraszewniki parish

Comment Re:Really? No analogy jokes? (Score 1) 318

Look for the Microsoft jokes. The future seems disturbing. 6. The oil, water temperature, and alternator warning lights would all be replaced by a single “General Protection Fault” warning light. 7. The airbag system would ask “Are you sure?” before deploying. 8. Occasionally, for no reason whatsoever, your car would lock you out and refuse to let you in until you simultaneously lifted the door handle, turned the key and grabbed hold of the radio antenna.

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