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Comment Healthcare IT is horrible. (Score 2, Informative) 367

I currently work in healthcare IT (past 5 years). I used to work in food proccessing (3 years) and for a IT provider for various industries (banking, manufacturing, advertising) for 3 years. Of all the industries, I have to say that Healthcare is the worse. The software that hospitals purchase is extremely buggy. Software providers for IT, bank on the fact that the person making the final decision doesn't have any idea about IT. In other words, the doctors and administrators. Every vendor offers an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) in their software and they are different by company. Government oversight of this industry is desperately needed. If people knew the truth, they would be VERY afraid to go to a hospital.

Comment Re:$40,000,000,000 (Score 1) 345

This is the dumbest post regarding business that I have ever seen. They are buying back the stock because they are going to raise the dividend. Thus creating more cash for themselves. Oh, and their products ARE profitable. How do you think they got the money in the first place.

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