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Submission + - Yahoo! Mail Continues to Suffer XSS Hijacks Months After Initial Discovery.

An anonymous reader writes: You may vaguely recall using Yahoo! and their mail service in the mid nineties, before everyone moved on to bigger and better things, but it would appear that a hardcore group of technophobes and BT and Sky customers are still stuck with this partially fossilised company's email solution, and it's one that is proving breathtakingly insecure. It appears that users have been receiving emails containing links to scripts on compromised domains which have made use of an XSS vulnerability in yahoo's website to misappropriate session cookies and take control of users' accounts, the attackers have then sent out similar links to all available contacts, the lovely thing about this exploit is that most users will be completely oblivious unless their contacts start to question the stream of spam coming from them, or they happen to dig into their account settings panel and discover suspicious logins from brazil or russia through yahoo's mobile portal.
Yahoo have been alerted to the issue numerous times over the course of several months and appear completely incapable of fixing it, as can be seen from this handful of recent articles.
While this is highly unlikely to directly affect slashdot users, you may have friends, relatives or neighbours who could need a little encouragement and assistance to migrate to a safer email provider.

Submission + - DMR Dead at 70 (

An anonymous reader writes: Dennis MacAlistair Ritchie, a true legend among the original computer programmers, died sometime earlier this week at his home. Ritchie was the R in the original K+R programming manuals. He left us with the legacy of the C language and the Unix operating system. It would be beyond imagination to think any other individual could transcend technology the way DMR did, and shared with us all. Godbless.
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Tremulous moves to Xbox, loses sight of open roots 1

An anonymous reader writes: Following in the footsteps of popular open source shooter Nexuiz, Tim Angus, better known by the open source gaming community as "Timbo", has announced that a deal has been reached between Microsoft game studios and Darklegion Development to bring the Tremulous concept to Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Xbox live service. As part of the deal, Microsoft has acquired all rights to the Tremulous brand, including the domain.
Unfortunately, while attempts were made by the community to negotiate the co-existence of xbox and open source projects under the same name, MGS flatly refused to allow this and, just hours after the original announcement, the disgruntled ex-dev team made the decision to fork Tremulous. The resulting project, "Librelous", a portmanteau of Libre and Tremulous, promises to breath new life into the game with brand new music, sounds and high res graphics, in addition to the much anticipated flashlight.

Comment Re:As a British taxpayer... (Score 1) 179

A lot doesn't equate to nearly enough, and i don't think i've ever seen it happen for radio content. PVR mode in get_iplayer is a great idea, but it still needs me to anticipate the first episode for anything that isn't in catch-up mode. Then there's the issue of older programming, which BBC worldwide have got their grubby hands on and are holding to ransom on paid-for cable/satellite channels, can't we at least have more repeats?

Comment Re:As a British taxpayer... (Score 1) 179

Not only that, Channel 4 make a large quantity of their content available on 4od(nasty flash site but still vaguely usable in linux) for 30 days, or indefinitely for stuff in their backcatalogue, such as the comic strip presents and every episode of peep show, whereas the BBC keeps recently aired content online for 7 whole days and expects you to buy the DVD if you would like to watch anything older... If i miss the first episode of a programme and realise this just after the second episode has aired i then have to go and torrent it before watching ep2 on iplayer. Now i keep an eye out for things and just rip everything remotely interesting with get_iplayer, resulting in nice mp4s that i can watch later, as in whenever i like, and without suffering the appalling performance of fullscreen flash.

Another great move by the BBC is to offer drm-free downloads of iplayer content, but guess what, you ordinarily(get_iplayer can retrieve these, thankfully) need to own an iPhone for them to extend this functionality to you, great, huh?


Submission + - Taking Free Software to The Streets

An anonymous reader writes: It's that time of year again, the nights are drawing in, the leaves are beginning to turn, and literally hundreds of teams of dedicated F/OSS enthusiasts, from around the world, are preparing to hit the streets in celebration of Software Freedom Day 2009. In an effort to increase awareness of free and open source software among the general public, SFD teams will be standing around town centres and shopping malls, holding talks at schools and universities, giving demonstrations and handing out Linux and FOSS collections for Windows on CD.
With money being tight and paranoia about malware and viruses at an all time high, the time is right to help consumers switch on to the myriad of quality open source applications available. If you would like to check for an SFD team in your area and consider attending, be it to help out or simply learn more about free software for yourself, there's an interactive map to help you find your way.
The Internet

Submission + - 4 + 1 ways to celebrate Software Freedom Day (

Xenofon Papadopoulos writes: With the Software Freedom Day fast approaching, the Free Software Foundation and communities across the world are planning their activities and are preparing to celebrate and promote Free Software in their region. Joining your local community and partaking to its activities is strongly suggested; however, here are some ideas for individual promotion of Free Software.

Submission + - Ubuntu is Quickest and Easiest Upgrade. (

twitter writes: "It should come as no surprise to long time Debian users that Ubuntu is the quickest and easiest modern OS to upgrade. Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols took a stab at upgrading Windows, OSX and Ubuntu. OSX and Ubuntu tied for ease but Ubuntu was faster. He ran into the same problems with Windows as others have.

With Windows XP, I found, as I expected, that there is no easy way to upgrade. ...I had to reinstall every, last application, fonts and drivers. ... The only version of Windows that can be upgraded without jumping through hoops is Vista. Even Vista, however, can only be upgraded easily from the same version to another or to Windows 7 Ultimate. [Mossberg had to reinstall all of his programs with Vista, so the few who suffered through that may not really have it easier.]

In stark contrast, Ubuntu was easy to upgrade. There's simply no comparison. Mac OS X Snow Leopard is also an easy upgrade. Just like Ubuntu Linux, all you really need to do is put in the DVD, make a few mouse clicks, and go have lunch while it runs. Once installed, both Snow Leopard and Ubuntu ran perfectly. That's more than I can about Windows 7. [typical Windows networking problems follow]

Unix just works and the more freedom you have the easier it is. With more vendor free software support on the way, the difference will grow."


Submission + - Celebrate Software Freedom Day - September 15 (

SFD writes: "Software Freedom Day is this Saturday, September 15th. Over 300 teams worldwide will be conducting events. Software Freedom Day is a global, grassroots effort to educate the public about the importance of software freedom and the virtues and availability of Free and Open Source Software. You can still get involved by finding a team near you or organizing your own. Software Freedom Day is organized by Software Freedom International and receives global sponsorship from Canonical/Ubuntu, MindTouch, Zenoss, The Free Software Foundation,Google and The Danish Unix User Group."

Submission + - :: Software Freedom Day: Taking open sou (

moquist writes: "The approach of Software Freedom Day 2007 brings to mind a question that begs to be asked: what are you doing to inform people in your community about Software Freedom? What kind of event can you imagine holding that would attract the sorts of people who otherwise wouldn't ever hear about or try Linux, Firefox, or OpenOffice? Post your ideas here, or better yet, register a Software Freedom Day team and actually try them out in your community this year!"

Submission + - Ideas for Software Freedom Day

linuxbz writes: "Over 140 teams from all over the world will be participating in Software Freedom Day, 15 September 2007 (and it's not too late to join them if you hurry). But the question is this: What can these teams add to their plans to promote free and open source software on that day?"

Submission + - Gates Foundation Evil After All

mqduck writes: "Bill Gates haters can breath a sigh of relief: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is evil after all. According to the L.A. Times, "The Gates Foundation reaps vast profits every year from companies whose actions contradict its mission of improving society in the United States and around the world, particularly the lot of people afflicted by poverty and disease" such as using slave labor. "Critics," the L.A. Times says, "fault the Gates Foundation most for failing to use the power of its immense wealth to improve the behavior of the companies in which it invests.""

Submission + - Microsoft's Mystery Game Is Vista Promo

Firestorm_Hellkite_ writes: "Thousands Play Mysterious Online Game Microsoft Now Reveals Is Promo for New Operating System
Just when you were thinking Microsoft had taken things to the extreme, here they come with something to outdo themselves.
A mysterious online countdown. USB drives containing cipher keys. Notes and videos from a woman who calls herself Loki. Bloggers' reports of extravagant gifts, marked with a return address for Microsoft's headquarters.
Read More Here..."

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