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Comment Re:30 years for a non violent crime. (Score 0) 127

How about you stop being an apologist for the criminal organization Anonymous. While in this case, the results were minor, the outcome could have been much more drastic. No, It is about time the Anonymous and all the people that actively (Keys) and passively ( you fall into this category). come to grips with the fact that while non violent, they are no less criminals than John Gotti was. They are organized and they are criminals. They reason why you and others that frequent /. see this as a crime worth a stiff penalty is that you have not been on the receiving end of cyber crime. You don't like the corporation so you turn a blind eye to this.

Comment a suggestion: Programmable Keypad/board (Score 1) 147

I have been in your place, damaged left hand/wrist/forearm. I do a lot of typing, but a lot of it is repetitive, programming is like that. I used/use a programmable keyboard. in my case i use a MS Ergo keyboard, but i have supplemented it with a Genovation ControlPad 682 USB This is a 32 row column keyboard that has 31 programmable buttons each with 2 levels for a total of 62 key functions. you can program it to do many things. Of course there are many other Brands and types of Programmable keyboards and what you use would be what fits your situation best.

Comment the numers are misleading. (Score 1) 279

Like most Governmental information it is phrased in a way that in my opinion is misleading. you do realize that 19 Million is a lot of people, but it is less than 7% of the total population. There are many more that can not cable access, natural gas for heating ad cooking, and many other things. 100% coverage for broadband is all but impossible. There are areas in the US that it just is not financially feasible to supply. And the last thing we want is the Government getting in providing it. The is a disaster. All things being equal, the government can screw up anything.

Comment no need to even disagree (Score 1) 306

Having been in information systems for 35 years, I feel that whole argument is salacious. Having user many different databases, many different languages, I have found that in the end, it is best to use that database/language that fits the application best. Of course you have to take in the skill set of the available resources. But the ultimate goal is to produce a product that is usable and fills a need. You can argue forever what is the best to use, and get nothing done. Been there, done that, have the scars to prove it.

Comment Technology evolves (Score 1) 91

This is an interesting development. If it works out, great. If it does not work out, they learn from the failure. All technology must by its nature evolve or become outmoded and worthless. As we know Computers are the poster child for technology evolution. Many more attempts to approve computers, faster, more memory, faster disks, etc have failed then succeeded. To me it does not matter if it works, IT would be nice if it did, but it is not earth shaking if it fails.

Comment Re:Make the best browser (Score 0) 555

No, Businesses want and need most of all stability and compatibility. I work for a company that has over 500 different applications, many of them are web based. Most of them require IE. IT is not that IE is better, it is the base applications are written specifically for IE. Now some people will say that this is bad, I disagree. Business applications are by their very nature much more mundane than non business applications. The Need is for the browser application partnership to work together as best as they possible can. This requires stable, tested, supported code that will be in place for not weeks, but years. If an application that supports IE7 or IE8 or FF, is not available and your company depends on that application, you stick to what works. As a matter of fact, If you do not use the supported combination, the software vendor does not have to supply support under the terms of the support contract. One has to compatibility with the certified support model for an application. Understand that this is not done as a slap to FF, Chrome, Opera, or any other browser, it is done to maintain the largest base for the product. It does not pay for a software outfit to write for every Browser. You will find that many an IT department cringes every time an new browser version is released. Every one wants to stay current, but it is not possible if you have to maintain compatibility across thousands of PC with hundreds of applications. This issue/situation is also the reason that a business may have applications on out of date server/OS combinations.

Comment Re:These guys are actually innovating (Score 0) 523

In Business, that which supplied you with the computer you are using at this minute, profit is the only thing of value. with out profit companies fail, others step in to take their place. Your concept of "feel Good" or "greater good" was tried, It was called the soviet Union. It failed, Why, cause governments can not and should not run economies. They produced the worst material goods in the world. everything they build was trash. Ask the people that lived through it.

Comment Re:These guys are actually innovating (Score 0) 523

I live in Michigan, I know Rust Belt. The steel industry in the US collapsed due to the labor unions and the outrageous demands the made. In the 1960's steel companies around the world were building electric fired steel plants. In Ohio, Illonis, Indiana, Pennsylvania labor unions were demanding that US steel industry NOT convert to electric fire plants due to the immediate obsolescence of about 15% of the union work force. Who needs coke stokers when there is no coke? No. the steel industry did it to themselves. The unions made outrageous demands and the steel companies blindly walked the plank. Good ridden to bad people, management and laborer got exactly what they deserved. US Steel prices so high that it made sense to pay to have it transported 3 to 5 thousand miles. I was there, I saw the whole thing collapse.

Comment Re:These guys are actually innovating (Score 0) 523

No, If Tesla can not make it on their own, without governmental support they do no deserve to exist. A great goal does not justify governmental intervention. Before you get to warped, I disagreed with and will always disagree with the government intervening in any business, there is no such thing as too big to fail.

Comment Re:Obstruction? (Score 0) 203

You are absolutely correct. Every person that gave him information during the stand off could and should be held accountable. There is no difference in this than if he was on the phone to people doing the same thing. Depending on the law in that state, if he had fired at any one, police or otherwise, the people supplying information could very well be charged with conspiracy to murder and attempted murder. These are very serious charges.

Comment Not learning Programming. (Score 1) 107

This is not learning programming, this is the dumbing down of IT staff. Programming is learn how something works, why it works. Using the building block of knowledge to produce code that does something. Using the knowledge to fix issues, to make modifications, to add functionality, to make it more efficient. I have had to learn over 20 programming languages over the 35 years of programming in my career. I have programmed functions that had never been done before. This is not programming, it is cookie cutter plug and play, there is no creativity, no thinking out of the box, no risk taking, no pushing the boundaries. These "programmers" will never understand what it is they do and why it works. Do you think any group of these "programmers" could create Doom? Word? Excel? Wordpro? word perfect? I am afraid the response is...."not a chance"

Comment Re:Just like Abraham said (Score 0, Troll) 259

as opposed to government for the lazy, living off the taxpayers pocketbook, producing unusable, poorly trained garbage that can not compete in the real world. What you want is a free ride. Corporations, large and small, employee people in a competitive environment. It amazes me that you live in the country created by capitalism, using an internet that was build but those corporations you so greatly hate, yet wish them not to be there. like the people that hate Bill Gates, you loath that which allows you to do what you can do, yet you would be by far worse off without them. Who owns the phone lines, who owns the cable lines? Not you. It is called private property. you do not like it, fine build your own. compete, stop using the government to give you what you want. You forget that corporation are businesses, and like all business, they are owned by people. people that have the right to strive, to compete, to gain wealth. unlike all governmental organizations, that are nothing but a drain on the tax payers pockets. Some are necessary, some are not. but all are socialistic in the sense that they do not face real world competition. Viva the Corporation, for with out them, you would not have that computer you are working on, would be unable to communicate anywhere in the world. you would walk, and live to be about 40, if you were lucky.

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