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Comment Re:Standard Operating Practice (Score 1) 634

You're never going to get 90% voter turnout. Most elections have less than 50% turnout (depending on where you live/demographics). This idea that you need a majority of the population to agree in a democracy is nonsense. You're not going to get it. Otherwise the entire government as you know it is illegitimate (which can be argued in other terms too), because only a small sample of the population chose it.

Comment Re:You Can't Make Me Forget (Score 1) 179

you do not have the right to refuse anesthesia if you require life saving surgery

You do have the right to refuse anesthesia. It's your body, and you have a right to control what goes into it. That said, the doctor has every right to refuse surgery without it. So that's the consequence of refusal. It's not that we don't have a right to refuse; it's just a matter of opportunity cost.

Comment You Can't Make Me Forget (Score 1) 179

I have have a natural right to remember everything I experience. This right trumps any interest by anyone else for me to forget it. Persistent storage is an augmentation of my memories, and therefore an extension of my body. I own my body and my persistent storage. Therefore any suggestion that there is a "right to be forgotten" is total nonsense, and should be dismissed as such. You have a right to pursue anonymity, but if I identify you, too bad. If you want me to forget you, you have a right to pursue it, but not a right to force me. I can be friendly, and oblige your request; or I can refuse, and you can attempt to ostracize me. It's then my reputation that delivers my fate.

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