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Comment Re:This is not a matter of neutrality (Score 5, Interesting) 438

The problem with the "net neutrality" issue for those looking for "freedom", like Libertarian minded individuals, is the complexity of the industry.

One could argue that it is more "free" to allow the companies to control it how they wish. (Rand Paul's position.)
One could argue that it is more "free" to allow the customers to use it how they wish.

The (only) problem with Rand Paul's position is that the companies are using a government granted charter (monopoly) to run these Internet connections to the homes and government granted eminent domain to run these Internet backbones. If the government granted these items, then the government has oversight on these lines. If these telecom built the lines using their own capital and without the use of special government laws, then they shouldn't be subject to net neutrality red tape and regulations. However, the fact is the opposite. There isn't one telecom that did not rely on the government for their infrastructure. So those telecoms should not be allowed to do with that joint-property how they wish.

The problem with the current law is that it will push this regulation across the industry, whether or not the company should conform. What if a company shoots a satellite into space without using eminent domain or acquiring any monopolistic charter and that satellite can deliver great Internet access (I know, rare, right?)? That access should not be subject to these regulations.

Comment Re:Problem was underinvestment (Score 2) 397

I don't know what model was used, but AccuWeather and Wunderground were both predicting 8-16 in from Friday through Sunday. Despite this, all I heard was 24 in in the news and from politicians. I don't know where they got this information, because my information was not nearly as bad. We wound up getting about 6-7 in; the low side of the prediction. Even on the high side, it isn't crazy.

Comment Re:WebMD a starting point (Score 1) 79

I do a similar thing these days. I lost my trust in doctors (which appear to be turning into the IT industry real fast...bad) one an emergency visit. I was having heart palpitations at seemingly random moments. When it happened on an airplane, it really freaked me out. So I went to a doctor as I was going to fly to Europe and didn't want it to happen again. They did an EKG and blood tests. They found nothing and said it must be anxiety. Anyone who knows me knows I am the least anxious person out there. And this didn't happen when I was actually anxious. I told that to the doctor, but his diagnosis stood. I don't know what the heck he prescribed. I never used it.

No problems overseas for that whole week after it was happening nearly daily.

After I got back, it was happening again. It was really bad when I was driving home one day after work. I thought about what I did that day that was WAY more than typical. I thought about how I drank like 60 oz of Coke Zero. I stopped drinking it for 2 weeks. No issues. Drank it again to see if it was an issue and had heart palpitations in about 12 hrs. So I looked at the ingredients, cross referenced the Internet for heart beat issues, and BAM. I found aspartame. I stopped drinking Coke Zero again and had no issues. Then I chewed some gum as a test and the symptoms came again.

The next time I went to the doctor (swine flu), I told him that I found the palpitation issue and described everything I found. He appeared shocked. Maybe he took it to heart, but I don't know. Every time it happens now, I can look back at the last 24 hours for anything different that I ate. I always find aspartame. It now happens like once a year, which happens to be when someone puts that crap in brownies or something.

For the record, no issues with other fake sugars.

Comment Re:Can I leave out ESPN and CNN ? (Score 1) 196

Why comment on this news then? There are plenty of non-ESPN options, like Netflix and Hulu. The fact is, ESPN is the most expensive for a reason. It is BY FAR the most watch cable channel. This is BIG news because the biggest cable channel is now accessible as a stream for as low as $20. That is the cheapest one can pay to legally watch ESPN related channels. You can watch ESPN3 for free, but no live games. The live games has been the big missing cog.

With this change, expect your al la carte option in a couple years. TV contracts are breaking down and direct feeds to providers is the future. HBO toppled the first domino with their annoucement last year. When ESPN falls (this is the first step), the whole thing will come tumbling down.

Comment Re:Put up a wall at the border. (Score 1) 484

I know it is in jest, but that is actually illegal per the Constitution. "The Citizens of each State shall be entitled to all Privileges and Immunities of Citizens in the several States." Not necessarily a toll or random inspections, but you can't treat it like its a border of the country or someone is going to take it to the Supreme Court and likely win.

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