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Comment Re:Self-brainwashing versus censorship? (Score 1) 74

Sorry, you're misunderstanding. I read 5 main stream "papers" somewhat regularly (WashPost, NYTimes, DenverPost, BBC World News, LATimes) and pop in to NPR, Politico, and CNN now and then. I occasionally pop into other sites through redirection. I don't listen to talk radio at all or watch TV (or listen to the radio at all actually).

These all appear to be Main Steam Media and are biased (as everything is of course which is why I do follow the different sites listed).

I'm not adverse to checking out other sites for news but if MSM isn't the right place to catch the news, what is? What sites do you read or follow?


Comment Re:Getting your news from Facebook (Score 2) 74

Worse are the folks who use Facebook for "headline news + summary" and don't even read the articles or follow up to fact check, just forward it. It's worse than back in the 90's when all my relatives would forward these chain emails with "coke will dissolve a steak over night!!!11!!1!!" spam. I'd send them to Snopes but eventually they'd just stop sending me the crap. Can't do that now because Snopes, factcheck.org, and other such sites are Liberal Shills (tm).


Comment Re:Why I'm voting for Trump (Score 1) 857

One article I read was not that it wasn't important, but that folks don't see a difference between the two or three (or 22 in Colorado's case) candidates so choose just to ignore it. You can see it in the current mail in ballot comparison to 2014 (mid terms) where every party _Except_ the Republicans have a +50% return on ballots and the Democrats are just a hair behind the Republicans in returned ballots compared to 2 years back.

There needs to be some understanding that Democrats need to pay better attention to the mid terms as they impact the federal government.


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