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Comment Residential Fiber (Score 2) 111

City has laid fiber out to the curb and has made it available to residents. I never watch broadcast TV (been 4 years now) so I only had Comcast for high speed; 110 download/26 upload as of the last Speedtest. Honestly though, I've almost never had a problem with Comcast with an outage happening very very seldom in Virginia and Colorado and I've been on Comcast since the mid 90's. The main reason I'm switching is the price for 1G/1G fiber to the house is $50 a month vs the $130 a month for Comcast 'Blast'.


Comment Re:pathetic (Score 1) 307

No dongles for work as the Thunderbolt display plugs right in and the network cable plugs into the display as does the mouse and keyboard.

For plugging it in at home, I have the Thunderbolt to VGA dongle and the mouse plugs into the USB port. I did try to use my wireless mouse but the Mac didn't support the wireless USB transmitter.

I only have the laptop. I did have a couple of desktop machines configured as support devices for my script repo but recently got rid of them as the virtual folks just gave me a VM for such things.


Comment Re:pathetic (Score 1) 307

Pretty much this. I have a newer MacBook Pro laptop. Work has provided (after some wrangling) a nice Thunderbolt display and Mac keyboard and I provided my own Logitech trackball (can't stand the mouse). When I'm at home, I plug it in to my 23" Acer, wireless Mac keyboard, and another Logitech trackball.

I will say I have a pretty nice gaming machine but that's my personal kit and not work related.


Comment Re:God no (Score 1) 98

I've had 2 AMD 4870 cards on Windows 7 and they kept blue screening on boot pointing to the driver as the problem in the dumps. Upgrading was fun as well including one upgrade that forced a reinstall of Windows 7 to recover. I finally replaced them with slightly less powerful nVidia 560 cards (which brand I was using prior to the AMD cards) and while there were driver issues (driver has been restarted), I never had blue screens. My current system has a pair of nNivdia 970's and no issues since I bought them.


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