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Comment Re:LMAO (Score 4, Interesting) 244

Not only that, I can skip over the uninteresting stuff or things I already am aware of. Plus I can jump back a paragraph if I zoned out while reading or was distracted by a hottie walking by.

Plus when creating a message, I can edit it, change the order, or delete bits that are redundant or dangle.

And I can type in my message in the nude. While I'm not bothered by it, others might be :)


Comment Re:What is the end game here? (Score 1) 328

It's really not Windows that's the issue. It's the vendors that don't support perfectly good equipment on newer versions of Windows.

I have an old HP Scanner that was perfectly functional on my Windows XP system. And it worked on my Windows 7 system using the internal scanning tool of Microsoft. It doesn't work on Windows 10 however.

I have a Sony Handycam that records to tape. The software to retrieve the video from the tape only works on Windows XP. I can't get it working in VirtualBox running XP on my Windows 7 system.

My nVidia cards (couple of older 560's) don't work with Windows 10 but work fine on Windows 7 (well, as far as the driver monkeys go anyway).

Neither of these systems needs to be on the 'net. They're just in place to let me keep using the other hardware that works fine on XP or 7.

On the flip side, a clean install of Windows 10 Pro on a brand new system (bought and built back in January) has a known audio buzzing problem. Playing videos or songs, or watching YouTube has the audio *buzzzz* for a second or two.


Comment Re:Strong enough for a man, made for a woman (Score 1) 858

About a year after my ex bailed several years back, I realized I hadn't even turned on the TV for months. Busy reading, learning guitar, going on snowshoe hikes, bicycling, woodworking, etc, that I just couldn't make time to sit down to watch TV.

She'd watch Oprah, Dr Phil, Dr Oz, Gilmore Girls, Sex In The City, and others. I'd sit with her and semi-watch it but it was in an effort to participate in things she wanted to do.


Comment Re:Enough with Diversity (Score 1) 265

It's interesting to read that while male nurses are 6% to 10% of the total, female nurses still make less than a male nurse makes.

"About 6 percent of nurses in the United States are men. However, men are represented in much higher numbers in nursing specialties that also pay higher salaries. For example, 49 percent of Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) in the U.S. are men. In 2005, the average salary for CRNAs was $160,000, significantly higher than the average floor nurses, who are mostly women. Of course, a master’s degree is required for a nursing specialization such as CRNA, which also increases the take-home salary."

"Men seem to go for higher education in nursing than women do, increasing their take-home earnings. There are more men in RN programs than in LPN programs, and more men in BSN programs than in RN diploma or ADN programs."

"Why is that? The data seemed especially striking because women don't just make up the overwhelming share of staff nurses, but represent about 90% of Chief Nursing Officers, too."

"I took the question to our in-house think tank, the Nursing Executive Center. (Collectively, they have several hundred years of experience studying the nursing industry, working in it, or both.)"

"One reason, they suggested: Some may be where the nurses work."

""Anecdotally, I hear that many men enter the “high tech” nursing specialties—such as critical care," the Center's Jennifer Stewart told me. "These are often higher paid nursing specialties." "

""Men also tend to aim for higher levels of education," Katherine Virkstis pointed out. "There are more men in RN programs than in LPN programs, and more men in BSN programs than in RN diploma or ADN programs.""

"Male registered nurses (RNs) make more than $5,000 per year than their female counterparts across most settings, specialty areas and positions, according to a UCSF-led study, and this earnings gap has not improved over the last three decades."


Comment Re:How about this (Score 1) 675

I think someone else made the same comment though. $12 a year was for an ad filled magazine. The ads paid part of the costs of printing, distribution, and paying for staff. With no ads, the price would have to go up.

I'm more in favor of paying my share of whatever the ad revenue brought in for whatever I'm reading. Not for the entire site.


Comment Re:What do you propose that they do? (Score 1) 675

On my iPad, I get the same ad on various forums and news type sites. I pop over to Amazon to check out the price of a specific guitar. From then on, whether or not I buy the guitar, I get ads from the various guitar sites (sweetwater, reverb, etc). The same ad, over and over again, following me around the 'net.


Comment Re:How about this (Score 1) 675

1 dollar a week is 4 to 5 dollars a month or $52 a year not $50 a month.

I have to weigh whether the few times I go to Wired is worth $1 month though. Do I really read enough Wired to justify that cost? I used to have a subscription years ago but the content wasn't interesting enough (kind of a People magazine of Tech) to maintain it.


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