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Comment Re:Hmmmm... (Score 0) 112

Why is government control necessarily "evil"? It's function* is to control social institutions and infrastructure that is otherwise unprofitable to run or should not be run in a for-profit manner.

Depends on what you mean by government. If you mean a socialist government, then you are correct. If you mean a government of free people who take responsibility for their own lives and interact in a free manner without coercion, then you are incorrect.

Comment Re:Effects on Add-on Development (Score 0, Troll) 265

I disagree with the "proper way." I do not use .NET and have no wish for that to be in a competitor's browser. To me the proper way is for me seek out a download, preferably through an XPI, but definitely not through Windows/Microsoft Update.

Well then you shouldn't be installing updates from MS that have to do with the .NET framework then should you?

Comment Re:Wow , at 8 cents a page for a PACER document... (Score 1) 445

But that begs the question, are these costs codified into law, or are they set by someone and reviewed on an annual basis? Everyone who rails against these costs always says how horrible they are, but never takes into consideration how they are set or how they can affect the process. All they do is whine and complain and find a way to circumvent them, without finding out how they were implemented in the first place and see if there is a way to reduce the costs or have it written into the law that when being scanned digitally they be submitted into a open and freely available database. Citizens are part of the legal system. To sit back and just cry about the unjustness of the way that the system is implemented is to remove yourself from being responsible for the way that they are and continue to be. Whether we actively participate or attempt to sit out of the game, we are part of it.

Comment Re:Wow , at 8 cents a page for a PACER document... (Score 4, Informative) 445

When something is in the public domain, you can still charge for reproducing or hosting it. You just can not prevent someone from copying and distributing it in the manner that they want as well. Public domain does not preclude paid access. Also, since people pay money to file court documents, IE filing fees, etc. There are instance where you paid NOTHING for court documents to be produced at all. Courts do not run wholly on tax dollars alone.

Comment Re:Street justice? (Score 1) 250

Here's a couple of links for everyone:
Explanation of the EIR for GSM phones:
Sites in the US to check if a cellphone ESN is marked as lost or stolen:
A service in the UK that does everything this guy would need:
And a service on the web that is attempting to bring it all together but is apparently having some troubles with US telecom industry:
As I said before, Amazon is full of it and any reason for not following through with the request by the guy in TFA has nothing to do with anything but their bottom line.

Comment Re:Street justice? (Score 3, Informative) 250

But as noted in TFA, this poses a problem, as it's too easy for someone to contact them, pretending to be you, and reporting *your* Kindle as stolen...

This is such bunk... I worked for a couple years in customer service for the cell phone industry. If you call and report your phone lost or stolen, it is automatically added to a black list and can then only be reactivated by you. It can not be activated on another account while it is on the black list and can only be added to the black list if it is part of an active account. The only time you need a police report is if you have the insurance program and you want to get a replacement under the insurance. This requirement is usually waived if it's the first time you have had your cell phone lost/stolen. I think I only took about two or three calls where someone tried to call in and activate a lost/stolen phone. Policy was that the original owner had to call in and report it as found. Plain and simple and logical. Any argument about someone calling in and pretending to be someone else being a problem is an indication of ulterior motives, as the user claims in TFA, or bad security policies to begin with. If it's easy for them to find, they should be asking people to file a police report, then have a couple of reps that work with the police dept to track them down after the police report is filed. Wouldn't cost them much and the rest could be sorted out where it belongs, small claims court.

Comment Re:It is only DRM+ (Score 1) 356

In the digital world, if it can be added, it can generally be removed. This may change with the advent of quantum computers, but generally, if you want something digitally watermarked and you want the watermark to remain through all iterations, it needs to be convertible to analog and you have to write a special viewer/player for it.

Comment Re:Suit violates the Sherman Anti-Trust Act? (Score 1) 200

Since when is it "fair" to hold a gun to someone's head to get them to sell a product to someone else? You sound like the people who whine that they are being discriminated against because they can't find a bar that doesn't have a smoke free environment. Right of association means that not only can you associate with whomever you want but you can also not associate with people that you don't want to. The right of a business owner to refuse service or a job to anyone is a fundamental right protected by the first amendment of the constitution. It stems from a person's ownership of their own mind and body as to all other rights and freedoms. You will never understand or have freedom until you understand and accept this principle.

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