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Comment I KNEW IT WAS A LIBERAL PLOT!!! (Score 2, Funny) 432

1) Fanboyism/zealotry. Apple has had a following for a long time of people for whom they can do no wrong more or less. A non-trivial amount of these people are in the press (Macs are big in prepress work). They just love Apple and everything they do. So when something bad comes out, they find ways to rationalize it away, or ignore it.

So we're in agreement here? This is yet moar evidence of the elite liberal media slant!

Comment Christian founders != Christian nation (Score 2, Insightful) 857

Very good points.

I'm often irritated by people who like to say "the founders were Christians so the USA must be a Christian nation". The founders did not have a completely homogeneous notion about the role religion in government in the first place, but I find it particularly errant when people talk about Thomas Jefferson's ideas about the USA being a Christian nation. Jefferson was a Christian and he was deeply absorbed in matters of faith--yes, he did publish his own edition of the Bible that was focused on the works and wisdom of Jesus Christ. These facts are evidenced by a large volume of his own writings.

The fact that he Thomas Jefferson was a Christian doesn't say ANYTHING about how he thought a government should work.

Jefferson's position on the role of any religion (Christian or otherwise) in government has been explicitly defined in his published writings. He knew that any institution of man is vulnerable to corruption and his objectivity allowed him to see that both governments and religions are institutions of man. He saw the influence of religion on government as a cancer to any free society. You can see this fact very clearly in the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, which was authored by Thomas Jefferson, that says it is not the right of the government to leverage religion and vice-versa.

Jefferson, in particular, was a Christian and a founder who knew that intermingling of governments and religion was an abomination against both and he said so. To deny this and argue that the USA was founded as a Christian nation is to betray Jefferson's stated ideals and those of many other founders.

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