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Comment Re:WHAT! (Score 1) 434

I rather have distinct DB with distinct level of permissions to isolate system-os config from users stuff and more than all, not a place for third party apps to have access to. The big mistake of the registry base is making it available to any apps, it should be strictly reserve for OS config stuff and user profile only.

Comment Re:Isn't leaving things out fun? (Score 0) 645

>>>"Sergey Brin thinks managing your own computer is 'torture'."

I think Sergey Brin is just off his rocker. I've had Windows XP for almost ten years now, and I don't have to "manage" anything. Every year or so I wipe the drive with a fresh XP-CD install, and need to reinstall my favorite programs, but that would be true of any OS, whether it's Mac, Lubuntu, or Chrome. Otherwise WinXP just works. Like my car. Or my microwave*. Or my stereo.

* * The lightbulb burned out, but it still works after 20 years.

The format-reinstalle once a year process is true to Windows users since Windows 95. But I own Macs since my MacIIx w/ MacOS 6, and I never being forced to clean reinstall any of my computer since. I'm on the net since 1993 (yes this is before NCSA Mosaic), I've download so many stuff from the net thru FTP, NNTP, Gopher, and I never ever got any malware on my Macs. Windows is the absolute worst OS to maintain, give a windows machine to some kids, after a while so many trash will be installed you got to reinstall. All household Windows computer i've seen is become unusable with all crapware like search bars and emoticon.

Comment Re:Control (Score 0) 417

You're wrong about everything. How you can say Windows is open??? Can you name me one open source component of Windows? Does Microsoft give their dev tool for free? MacOS X Is OpenSource like linux, if you code for X11 that come on the Mac, like you need to do on Linux, every API you will work with will be open source. Only the GUI is copyrighted and the devtool is totally free and come on the install disk that come with the computer. So cut your opensource crap, and coding license that doesnt existe on the MacOS X. Yes you need a licences for selling iPhone software, but you can code-test-deploy you own software on you mac-iphone-ipod-ipad without paying anything to anyone.

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