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Comment Re: Let's just get the makers vs takers out of the (Score 1) 1116

actually its not an ad hominem attack,, both remarks are irrellevant My personal observation and question with this idea is what happens through no fault of our own, jobs are automated to the extent that even the burger flipping jobs are automated out of existence and a living wage becomes a necessity like it or not. I foresee this as a problem the millennials will be dealing with en mass with in the next 5 to 10 years. See the links below for a reference on what I am talking about. https://youtu.be/7Pq-S557XQU and http://www.businessinsider.com...

Comment This is a nonsequitor (Score 1) 234

I drive for Uber, the one thing that doesn't on the surface fit is, actually paying a 40 person team enough to get them to jump ship. Uber is dirt cheap, ask a driver how they cut the fare rates and the drivers income regularly. I would have guessed with the success with Google's autonomous driving fleet et al, I am surprised they didn't partner with Google. Then again Uber is all about being vertically integrated and trying to own everything but the car in the equation, there by scoring all the benefits but mitigating legal exposure at the expense of the drivers. Automated cars will allow them to further reduce that, but as they are starting out at zero they will have to spend a lot of cash to make up the distance Google has already, and Uber doesn't strike me as being that smart, cheap yes but they seem to think they can make shortcuts with out consequences. personally I hope Google comes back with a Google cab to counter Uber.

Comment Re: The sucky beta (Score 1) 144

It hate to be negative, what was wrong with the old /. ? The main priority of any website is that it works, the old one did. The new one looks sadly to be a buddy job, ya know, a job you give your buddy a job to keep them employed, and not really care what the consequences are. Ya know don't have to fix the old one, just go back to it and ditch the beta.

Comment Yep your 25 years too late (Score 1) 91

I used to be a security guard at the National Interagency Fire Center "NIFC" in Boise. NIFC has got all those sensors you just mentioned and has been running for 25 years, its a war room setting a lot like the pentagons nosc, lotsa big screens that look a lot like the something out of wargames. Things like thermal sensors to spot fires from orbit and also orbital lightning strike detectors too. Really facinating to look at.

Comment Is this change really nescesary? (Score 1) 1191

This beta is too busy and distracts from the stories. The stories are what drew me to slashdot, not the graphics, don't get me wrong pictures are nice but they aren't what drew me to this website, what drew me was the relevance of the information I could gain from looking on here. And that is what the beta should be doing, not thrusting a bunch of nameless pictures in the users face and expect them to be able to see a story in a picture. The problem in the pictures is they are only displaying a small fraction of the pictures your using, and not the whole picture. Linked started this a few months ago and honestly I now go directly to my profile page as the alleged home page is a useless wreck and totally unfriendly to use anymore. It's unwieldy and distracting. Please kill this change before I quit slashdot.

Comment Under the Heading of DUH! (Score 1) 625

As technology grows so does the capability to automate almost any tast, I doubt it will be only at 45% in 20 years as I really suspect that it will be closer to double that or 90% as manufacturers are getting a mouth full of business as usual in china are looking for ways of saving money. Ways that don't include out sourcing and the unseen cost of training a new work force to manufacture product 'X' for the reduced price they want. Automated assembly lines are where most of the major manufacturers are heading to. Take Foxcom for instance when his workers started committing suicide at its high-rise factory in china when they began suffering from work related depression, Foxcom then hung nets to catch the suicidal workers, when the workers then went on strike, Foxcom(Alan, 2012) then announced they were going to automate their entire manufacturing process. The companies logic was that machines don't complain about work place stress or low pay they just work. There are a lot of reasons to automate industrial work as it relieves people from doing dangerous or just tedious work. But in business the bottom line no matter where you live is king. The real King of all reasons to automate is to save money, and automating a job does that. You just have to amortize the automation systems cost out through the saved wage expenses and expanded production capacity. When the cost to automate a job becomes the equivalent of four years of an employees cost to do the same job then automating then becomes attractive. Now if you want to have an debate on the ethics of the logic behind this business evolution, I would agree that I too find it distasteful, but, also totally unavoidable. Alan, F. ((2012, October 06)2012, October 06). Foxconn workers go on strike to protest working conditions while assembling the apple iphone 5. Retrieved from http://www.phonearena.com/news/Foxconn-workers-go-on-strike-to-protest-working-conditions-while-assembling-the-Apple-iPhone-5_id35255 (Alan, 2012)

Submission + - Whats the Real story in Syria? (kforcegov.com) 2

BigLonn writes: Apparently the "NightWatch" a blog published by Kforce, Inc. has some unsettling observations on what the mainstream media is not covering in the Syrian chemical attack, that points to the possiblity of a misinformation campaign concerning the entire story. Normally I wouldn't put much stock in this but Kforce, Inc. is a Fed Contractor.

Comment Additonal perspective from an unusual source (Score 1) 454

I had never heard of this apparent, daily report, but I have heard of the organization that produces it, its from a contractor for the FED's. The reports assertions are more than a little disturbing, especially when it starts asking really uncomfortable questions along with just as unsettling observations halfway through the article. http://www.kforcegov.com/Services/IS/NightWatch/NightWatch_13000189.aspx

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