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Comment modem noises (Score 1) 467

seriously am i the only person who remembers listening to the handshake noises that your modem used to make? it was the confirmation that you were connected to the world outside your own! i specifically miss the ker-shploink noise of the V.42 modems, which occupy a spot in my heart right next to zmodem

Comment Denver to Vail: DO NOT WANT (Score 1) 270

If you talk to Vail locals who knew the original founders (there's plenty still around), they will tell you that Vail's site was chosen in part because it's on the opposite side of Vail Pass from Denver, thus making it hard for large numbers of people to get in after a big snow dump. I don't think Vail would want this tunnel thing.

Comment Re:Not likely to help diagnosis (Score 3, Informative) 119

With respect, you have missed the point (completely). This isn't about finding a screening test. This is an objective, likely quantitative readout from a standard imaging study that can be used as an endpoint in clinical trials. Most clinical trials in this area fail because they use some sort of subjective behavioral scoring system, rather than a quantity that can be measured (with a very expensive ruler) from the patient. And ... 2% of the population? That's a fucking wet dream for a big pharmaceutical company. This finding has the potential to take autism from the realm of voodoo into a treatable clinical entity.

Comment Re:Or they could be pinned (Score 4, Informative) 203

Pedestrians either get hit in the street or parking lot, or they get pinned against the wall of a garage (where else are the cars?). In the latter case, the crush injury happens irrespective of the presence of the adhesive layer. We should consider edge cases, but this is a bona fide genius idea. Add a dispersive gel layer underneath the adhesive and this might make a real difference.

Disclaimer: I am a trauma surgeon, and do crash reconstruction work on the side.

Comment Re:Who still uses pagers? (Score 1) 307

I still have my original Motorola pager. Whenever they try to give me one of these crappy new pieces of shit, I tell them that I am the doctor they were warned about in their customer service training, and that they should decide how much blood they want to shed. I think that they have actually written it off by now; no one has bugged me about it for a couple of years.

It is highly amusing to me that young doctors who care about having the newest iThing get jealous of my pager.

Comment welcome back, bro (Score 5, Insightful) 38

Offtopic, perhaps, but I'm looking at the front page of Slashdot. For the first time in years, no fucking political/sociological/pseudo-tech clickbait bullshit. Finally.

If this is the new boss, I'm all for it. I care a lot about politics, privacy, and economics. I come to Slashdot for other stuff.


Comment Re:Human Subjects (Score 2) 91

When the human testing starts, should it be old people first? afftected-continent people first? family-receives-high-payment people first?

Real clinical trials do not work like this. If you want to do a real trial, you first have to establish a team and treatment center that can administer your therapy and collect the data you need. You then establish EXCLUSION criteria, i.e., people who will not be included in the trial (usually old people, who have an annoying tendency to die, and children, because sick kids scare the shit out of most doctors). *Everybody* else who comes to the center, who has the disease, gets offered enrollment in the trial. It's up to them if they want to participate.

Anything else will get you laughed at, at the very least.

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