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Comment Radio Royalties? (Score 1) 665

I would imagine the the royalties Ms. Keating would receive from the radio would be far less than what she's getting now from sites like Pandora. In fact, as an "avant cello" musician it's probably right around $0.00. I think she should be thrilled that people have heard her music 1.5 million times. How many of those 1.5 million listens then went on to buy her music? I don't know the music industry all that well but I would think far more money is actually made from album sales rather than radio plays. Radio/streaming is a way to advertise yourself to get people in to buy your product.

Comment Smart Change... in a Way (Score 1) 446

Contrary to previous plans to keep it all in a massive database, it will now let ISPs and telecoms firms store the data themselves, and access it when it feels it needs it."

The way I'm reading it is that the Brit govt. realized how expensive keeping all the records would be and decided to make the ISPs and mobile phone companies take the bill. That of course will be passed down to the users.

Comment APO/FPO (Score 1) 784

I'm currently stationed overseas and have an APO mailing address. I do a lot of my shopping via the Internet. I'm highly curious to see how these proposed changes will affect myself and all other overseas military members. These changes would definitely affect my shopping habits as I would probably just special order through the Base Exchange for certain items and wait the extra time, not paying sales taxes.

Comment Thanks /.!!! (Score 4, Insightful) 644

As an Airman on active duty who has been to Iraq I want to thank many of you from the bottom of my heart. You clearly believe that every last service member is a blood crazed, baby killing monster. You think that we wake up every morning Hell-bent on going out and killing as many civilians as we can. We don't even shoot at insurgents. If given the choice between taking out someone shooting an AK-74 at us or hitting their granny, we're taking the old lady out. Give me a fucking break!

Thank you for honoring (not at all) the sacrifice of over 5000 men and women. Thank God I know there are many out there who truly do appreciate what we do and what we sacrifice for you all to pretend to know what happened in Fallujah. Were you there? No... well then you have no fucking right to say how it was a massacre of epic proportions, pure genocide, or the next holocaust. I have so much respect for those who do go into combat and risk their lives daily. I could never do what the soldiers and Marines do daily over there. I am so thankful for them because I don't have to. And guess what, because of them you don't either.

I have been coming to Slashdot for years now because I enjoy a level of intelligence that isn't found on many other websites on the Internet. Clearly that intelligence has fled from this particular discussion. Mod me troll because that's 100% what it is. But I couldn't sit back and watch as every service member serving and who has served was demonized by people who don't even truly know what they are talking about.

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