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Comment Slacking is slacking (Score 5, Interesting) 105

I work for a company that blocks social media, as well as "blogs" and "newsgroups" broadly categorised. Effectively the top 2-3 google results I get when searching for things like puppet recipes, or common faults are blocked. This company does NOT get social media. They asked us recently for comments regarding this policy, and I'll paraphrase mine here: Slacking off is slacking off. If people are disengaged, you don't make them more engaged by banning whatever they are doing to fill in the hours they are spending at their desk. OTOH if people are engaged, social media use might augment, rather than threaten productivity. It's interesting the number of people whose fear of social media is that it will make OTHER PEOPLE less productive. Not them of course, but "those damn kids".

Comment Yes, because if there's one thing Doctors are... (Score 2, Insightful) 97's strapped for cash. I happen to know a number of doctors, and yes, plenty of them have iPads.

I suggest that if an iPad is indeed critical business tool for a Doctor, he might be able to spring for the six hundred bucks without too much trouble.

He doesn't need John Brumby to buy it for him (or her). In contrast, there are plenty of school kids who could use that sort of investment in technology. Perhaps some of the billions of dollars that were wasted on the latest Public transport fiasco could be spent there.

Investment in health care needs more serious consideration than simply buying the doctors more shiny objects.

Comment Re:What filter? (Score 1) 222

Greens/Liberals/Independants hold the balance of power and are all dead set against the filter. It's a dead scheme stop mentioning it. There will be no mandatory net filter in Australia. The ETS and mining tax are probably also going to get blocked. They don't have the numbers to pass that sort of legislation anymore.

Looks like Senator Conroy didn't get the memo, then: Doh!

Comment Re:My two cents (Score 1) 1217

Actually, I think if you want to reach the bulk of kids these days, you're probably better off trying to do is *using* their technology.

Look how much time kids I know spend online on FB, MSN, whatever. Imagine an education where kids could collaborate on projects (for example) on Facebook, do exams online...

What would be great is a more progressive education system where technology is embraced. so yes, I think lack of technology is definitely a potential hurdle to education in the future.

And hell, if you can't afford an apple, turn your dell into a hackintosh and quit whining! :)

Comment Running linux? Hardly (Score 1) 1


From the OP: "By and large, the millions of Australians who will shortly rely on Linux *will not even know it is there*."\\

Having linux on an embedded device is not "Running Linux" (at least as far as most /. folks would first assume) having an iPhone or iPod touch is "running OS X"

Comment Re:What Oracle Wants (Score 1) 900

Yep, that's what they recommend. Let's select a random node from one of my clusters here. Each node has 3sGb of RAM, and runs linux.

Top output:

Mem: 33285824k total, 28389184k used, [...]
Swap: 30736352k total, 50592k used, [...]

So you can see that even with 32Gb of RAM, a node in an 8-node cluster is not swapping even close to 1Gb). That's a LOT of wasted disk space.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - 12 Games from the Year 2010

Mike Michelson writes: "Or at least, the ones a bunch of gamers got together and dreamed up screenshots for. This article really begs the question of just what developers will be getting out of our consoles three years from now. And whether these games are hopeless wishful thinking or not, it sure is fun to think about."

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