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Submission + - Analyst: Ugly Year for Tech Layoffs, and It's Going to Get Worse (

Tekla Perry writes: Global Equities Analyst Trip Chowdhry says his predictions of massive tech layoffs for 2016 were right, and the laid off workers will never again find tech jobs: “They will always remain unemployed,” at least in tech, he said. “Their skills will be obsolete" He also predicts worse news for tech employment in 2017, when the layoff tsunami hits startups and the tech bubble bursts. "The startup companies have exhausted the number of fools," he says. The bust starts in March and it all will last two years, according to Chowdhry's analysis.

Comment X-Box One is Clear Choice (Score 1) 375

Agree with comments above concerning home rolled gaming PC as best option, however the answer to the X-Box One vs. Play Station 4 question that was asked is clearly X-Box One, for the following reasons: 1. Best exclusive titles (i.e. Forza, Halo). 2. New version of Kinect works amazingly well. 3. Better home media center integration/functionality (can control everything through voice and gestures). 4. Supporting a US company vs. Japanese (yes, I know both are made in China).

Submission + - Breaking: ITER fusion project to take at least 6 years longer than planned (

sciencehabit writes: The multibillion dollar ITER fusion project under construction in France will take at least an additional 6 years to complete, compared with the current schedule, a meeting of the governing council was told this week. ITER management has also asked the seven international partners which are backing the project for additional funding to finish the job.
Under recent estimates, ITER was expected to cost some $13 billion and not begin operations until 2019. The new start date would be 2025.

Comment Re:The technology already exists (Score 1) 478

This. There are basically two types - flash and laser. They detect the camera by scanning to sense flash, autofocus, the CCD device or even the camera itself through machine vision analysis and dazzle the camera with light to ruin the image or video capture. Easy enough to have the fixed position vehicle cameras excluded, either through strategic placement of the "anti-paparazzi" devices or by programming the smarter devices. To keep paparazzi outside the vehicle from capturing images of the occupants would require multiple devices on the outside of the vehicle. To keep people inside from taking pictures would require more units inside the vehicle. Note: There these devices are legal, moral and ethical when used to protect the privacy of law abiding people (although paparazzi in the UK are thinking of challenging them in court on the basis they are depriving them of their goods). In my opinion, it is the paparazzi who are the law breaking, immoral and unethical scoundrels in this transaction, and they deserve far worse than just having their privacy invading photos ruined.

Submission + - Conspiracy theorist believes 'fainting lady' during Obama speech was faked 1

rtoz writes: Barack Obama was talking to many beneficiaries of Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) on Monday, 21 st October in White House. He was explaining about the different ways (e.g contacting call center) for buying the healthcare insurance if they find any difficulty in accessing the website He was talking around 20 minutes. A pregnant woman standing behind Obama started fainting at the end of his speech. Barack Obama immediately helped her by catching her. Now, Conspiracy theorist believes ‘fainting lady’ during Obama speech was faked. Sharon Schuetz, founder and managing editor of the conservative website, Lady Patriots, claims that “the faint” and “the catch” were choreographed.

You will see in the following video that the pregnant woman is standing with a friend who is holding her hand with her arm wrapped around her waist. That is until she starts to “faint”. Then she steps slightly aside and never even looks at the women she is holding. She smiles a nervous smile for the camera because she has done her part in this extremely poorly orchestrated drama.

Comment Re:Antarctica (Score 4, Informative) 167

So what if you are stationed at a base in Antarctica, right at the very geographic south pole? Your whole body could be straddling every time zone at once.

If you are standing at the north pole, you are standing in 25 official time zones at once. If you are standing at the south pole you are standing in 26 official time zones at once. There are over 50 official time zones in the world. For example India, Afganistan and Iran use time zones offset by 30 minutes from the standard 24 time zones. Some countries like Nepal use a time zone offset by 15 minutes.

Comment Re:It will fall down (Score 1) 480

If the theory is true that anti-matter is normal matter traveling backwards through time, then anti-Hydrogen can fall upwards without violating GR. From the Hydrogen atom's perspective while traveling backwards through time it is falling downwards. We watch the process while traveling forwards through time and from our perspective we see it happen in reverse, thus it appears to us the "anti" Hydrogen atom is falling upwards. This way GR is not violated.

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