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Comment Re:"The Polar Bears will be fine" (Score 3, Insightful) 372

Linus Pauling was very smart and a good man. He has Nobel prizes in Chemistry and Peace to prove it. As a general rule, if Linus Pauling didn't understand something, you don't, either. Yet, toward the end of his life, he had some odd ideas regarding megadoses of vitamin C that haven't ever been proven in clinical studies. The point is that a great scientist can, at times, be wrong about things--especially when they are outside his field of specialization. The big difference between Linus Pauling and Freeman Dyson is that Linus Pauling's ideas regarding vitamin C were mostly harmless, while Freeman Dyson's claims on climate change can be quite catastrophic if we take them seriously.

Submission + - Google signed a 60-year, $1 billion Moffett Field Lease

Biff Stu writes: Google has signed a 60-year, $1 billion Moffett Field Lease. This lease includes the large hangars that housed dirigibles that hunted Japanese submarines near the California coast during WW2. According to the article, "a Google subsidiary called Planetary Ventures LLC will use the hangars for "research, development, assembly and testing in the areas of space exploration, aviation, rover/robotics and other emerging technologies." Does this mean that Google is planning to include actual clouds in "cloud" computing?

Comment Re:this again... (Score 2) 292

Of course when Michelson said this, there were just a couple of loose ends to be figured out...the "UV Catastrophe" associated with the discrepancy between the purely electromagnetic theory of blackbody radiation, and the strange threshold behavior associated with the photoelectric effect.

Right now, we keep on building bigger and bigger colliders and can't really find anything beyond the Standard Model. It seems that the biggest advances these days are coming from Astrophysics rather than High Energy Physics. Today, the two pesky loose ends that are likely to change everything are dark matter and dark energy. What we need is a theory that explains these phenomena and an experiment to test the theory.

Comment Re:All politics are local (Score 2) 234

In recent news, a state senator from Montana (R) was arrested, and a tea-party-republican-congressman from Florida was also arrested. A Republican from Montana and a Republican from Florida. Who would have guessed that. It has nothing to do with Sacramento or party. Like I said, all politics are local. Especially corrupt politics.

Comment Re:All politics are local (Score 2) 234

In California, if there's a scandal, it's likely to be a Democrat, just based on the statistics. There are far more Democrats than Republicans in office. Furthermore, if you're in San Francisco, you're going to have a Democrat in office. It's the way the city votes. It's your job to pick a good one.

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