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Facebook the Most Dangerous Social Tool For Businesses 142

wiredmikey writes "According to a recent study Facebook is by far the most popular and most dangerous social media tool among small-to-medium-sized businesses, with 69 percent of respondents reporting that they have active accounts with this site, followed by Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Facebook is also the top culprit for malware infections and privacy violations, e.g. the leaking of sensitive company information. YouTube took the second spot for malware infection, while Twitter contributed to a significant number of privacy violations. For companies suffering financial losses from employee privacy violations, Facebook was again cited as the most common social media site where these losses occurred, followed by Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn."
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Submission + - RIAA Moves to Keep Revenue Info Secret ( 1

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "In the Boston, Massachusetts, case, SONY BMG Music Entertainment v. Tenenbaum, the Court had ordered the RIAA to produce certain revenue information, which would be relevant to a determination of the 'fair use' defense. The RIAA has now moved for a protective order to keep the information 'confidential'. In the opinion of the undersigned, the fact that the motion is made jointly by four competitors shows that any claim the information is valuable or 'proprietary' would be unfounded, and the sole purpose for making the motion is to keep the information out of the hands of lawyers for other defendants, thus increasing the defense costs in other cases."
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Submission + - Americans do not agree with science ( 2

ZeroSerenity writes: "In a not so stunning article, it is thought by many that science is not something you have to agree with. A survey conducted by Pew Research Center states that "...nearly 9 in 10 scientists accept the idea of evolution by natural selection, but just a third of the public does. And while 84 percent of scientists say the Earth is getting warmer because of human activity, less than half of the public agrees with that." In addition just 27% of the respondents said that the advances of the US in science are its greatest achievement, down from 44% ten years ago. I fear for my own country's progress if people aren't this interested in science."

Comment Perhaps the real link is level of education (Score 1) 555

Those with a higher level of education are hopefully able to better understand the problem and question being posed. I would expect that they are also more likely to engage in critical thinking. Maybe those with a short attention span just didn't read the whole thing. The results don't suggest much more than to say that it might be worth repeating the experiment with some improvements.

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Submission + - Uber ThreatCon

Paul Hortop writes: "CERTStation has just released a threatcon level that is an aggregation of 8 other threatcon levels giving a spread bet across commercial vendors, independant organisations and anti-virus specialists. The new IT Security Dashboard at , still in Beta, integrates ajax-based elements that correlate the latest IT Security news, vulnerabilities, malware, top attacked ports, top-level DNS server and router status."

Submission + - New Drugs Enhance Performance, Eliminate Sleep

docinthemachine writes: "New drugs in the eugeroic family are completing trials that offer improved memory, mood enhancement, improved alertness and cognitive powers without any of the nasty side effects and mass murder of speed and crank. They are a class of novel stimulants that produce long-lasting mental arousal. They are unique in producing hypervigilence and alertness without peripheral effects or addidition of usual stimulants. Strangely, they have minimal effect on sleep structure, and do not cause rebound hypersomnolence (crashing). Related are Ampakines that also cause memory enhancement (just a bit of abuse potential there). One of these — a drug code-named CX717 enabled sleep deprived rhesus monkeys to outperform rested normal monkeys on memory tasks. you can read details of the drugs and studies at"

Submission + - Can Apple Take Microsoft on the Desktop?

An anonymous reader writes: RDM asks Can Apple Take Microsoft on the Desktop?, a comparison of recent sales and profits and the future outlook for Macs and PCs. From the article: "Apple doesn't have to take a majority share of the desktop market to win, it only needs to take the most valuable segments of the market. Once that happens, Microsoft will be forced to choose whether it wants to battle Mac OS X for control of the slick consumer desktop, or repurpose Windows as a cheaper, mass market alternative to Linux in corporate sales. If it doesn't make a choice, the company will face difficult battles on two fronts."

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