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Cassettes Are Back, and Booming ( 562

Long time reader harrymcc writes: By now, it isn't news that vinyl albums continue to sell, even in the Spotify era. But a new report says that sales of music on cassette are up 140 percent. The antiquated format is being embraced by everyone from indie musicians to Eminem and Justin Bieber. Fast Company's John Paul Titlow took a look at tape's unexpected revival, and why it's not solely about retro hipsterism.

Comment Re:Read the article (Score 1) 90

You get an email for *every* *single* *change* made to your tickets. Typical day:

mail 1: Your boss changed the delivery date of your task
1 minute later: Your boss changed the sprint.
30 seconds later: your boss changes the sprint back to its original
1 minute later: your boss attaches revised requirements document
30 seconds after that: revised unit testing spreadsheet.
1 minute later: email chain in which you discussed the change of scope w/boss pasted into comments.
2 minutes later: QA pastes the same email chain with an explanatory note regarding scheduling
1 minute later: boss changes the due date again.
30 seconds later: boss changes the sprint again.
30 seconds later: boss posts a question in the comments.
30 seconds later: boss changes the state of a ticket.
2 minutes later: you've been assigned a new task because X just went on vacation.
30 seconds later: Comment added to said task asking if you have bandwidth for this.
2 minutes after that: Said new task assigned to developer Y.

Dude. Fix your settings. Don't blame the tool.

Comment Re:Read the article (Score 5, Informative) 90

If you plan to work in an Agile environment then you might want to drop that attitude and make it your business to find out what these companies do.

Atlassian produces online collaboration tools like Jira and Confluence. Jira is a ticket-management system that lets you set up Kanban boards or SCRUM boards on which your team tracks the progress of tickets through the various stages to completion, and supports Agile visualizations such as burn-down charts. Confluence is a wiki-like tool for sharing documentation.

Plenty of employers are asking for Agile experience, so if you're familiar with these tools then it'll work in your favor.

Submission + - Norton announces Core, a smart router to protect domestic IoT devices

fiannaFailMan writes: Norton has announced the launch of a smart router designed to protect connected home devices from intrusions. The Symantec-owned company says the device aims to keep safe up to 20 devices connected to it, including Windows computers, Macs, phones, tablets or any internet-of-things devices, in real time. Norton Core, shaped a little like a geodesic dome, can isolate an infected device from the rest of your network to prevent the spreading of any malware.

Comment Re:Imagine the reverse (Score 1) 1069

Um, who do you think won the popular vote?

None of the above: when you factor in the ~ 50% who couldn't in good conscience vote for either.
So you have about 75% saying no to Trump and about the same saying no to Clinton.

We really need ranked choice voting.

In a democracy we count the votes of people who voted. Not the imaginary votes of people who stayed at home.

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