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Comment Re:Fold a shirt in 10 minutes? (Score 1) 139

I think studies show that women spend nearly as much time on domestic chores as ever.

Yes, washing without a machine was a long and laborious task, but it may shock you to learn that people didn't wash 1-2 full changes of clothes a day in the time before the washing machine.

Bunkum. I'm old enough to remember my mom leaning over the bath scrubbing clothes on a washboard for a family with five children. Her first automatic washing machine was a godsend. Now with families getting smaller I have my doubts about your studies.

Comment Re:Fold a shirt in 10 minutes? (Score 5, Insightful) 139

I don't understand the idea of making kids do chores.

YOU chose to have them and they didn't get a say in it - why should they have to work for you?

Because they are not your customers and you are not their servant. They are your children who have to learn that they are not the center of the universe, that the world does not owe them a living, and that there's no way you'll get by in this life without working. Chores are the first act of learning to be a good citizen.

Comment Re:Fold a shirt in 10 minutes? (Score 3, Insightful) 139

This single task robot has nothing better to do. It is silly to spend money to make it faster just so it can have more idle time.

A washing machine has a single task and nothing better to do. So does a tumble drier. Modern appliances speed up and simplify the task of cooking and performing laundry. Labor-saving devices in the home liberated women from a life of domestic servitude. It has been one of the most significant social and economic changes of our time. Nothing "silly" about it.

Comment Re:Just switch to Natural Gas (Score 2, Insightful) 147

The UK switched to gas years ago. It was Thatcher and her successor John Major who phased out the British coal industry since it was uneconomical. Odd that in America the preservation of coal is seen as a conservative ideal, whereas in the UK it was the left that was trying to keep it alive in the interests of the workers. I guess the definition of conservative in America must require anything that beats the crap out of the environment whether it pays its way or not.

Submission + - Using Cloud Computing to Prevent Another Titanic Disaster

fiannaFailMan writes: The International Ice Patrol was established in 1914, two years after the Titanic disaster. It began tracking icebergs using surface ships, later flying patrols, and now a combination that includes Earth Observation (EO) satellite data. Predicting the path of bergs demands a lot of computing power, which has now been simplified using a cloud computing solution that was initially developed for the European Space Agency. No ship captain that has heeded warnings from the patrol has ever struck an iceberg, and demand for the service is expected to increase as the melting Northwest Passage opens up to commercial shipping.

Comment Physical interfaces (Score 2) 37

There's something about a physical interface that I just never get with a touch-sensitive screen. I miss the clunk of the keys on the old Macs of the 1980s. I remember being able to text without looking at the phone. I always thought that Star Trek TNG crew members had a raw deal having to tap panels all the time. Even Tom Paris in Voyager complained about it once.

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