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Comment Re: but you arent a traditional CA (Score 1) 243

If you can't tell the difference between and pä then perhaps you should be booking yourself in for an eye test... The cert is doing its job, it's your fault if you can't read properly.

And it was always easy to get an SSL cert, you just had to control the domain in question and be willing to pay for the cert, the process has been entirely automated with most registrars for years. Scammers would frequently buy certs using stolen cards too.

Comment Re:Phishing is good (Score 1) 243

The problem is very few people are aware of the correct URLs, and simply put "paypal" into google and follow the first result that comes up, or click the paypal link on ebay or that arrives in an email for example... They never directly enter into their browser address bar.

Comment Re:Boom - I do not think that this name will fly.. (Score 4, Informative) 143

1) The high cost of fuel for the trip. Concorde used Re-heat all the time it was supersonic. This may have changed.

Concorde used reheat for takeoff and when passing mach 1, at all other times it wasn't used including cruising at mach 2...
It wasn't needed, but punching through the sound barrier at mach 1 was quicker with reheat and actually used less fuel that way.

Comment Re:As unpopular as it will be to hear... (Score 1) 154

You can spend that much on developers, but why would you? He said spend the same as you would have on proprietary licenses... Same price, but probably much better results especially if others do the same.

When implementing many large proprietary applications (sap, sharepoint etc) its often necessary to hire developers anyway.

Comment Re:@best current engineering practice (Score 1) 154

Exactly... Proprietary code could be all kinds of legacy cruft hacked together, and based on the code i've seen it usually is. Rewriting the code to current best practices is time consuming and costly, no commercial business will take that decision unless they have no other choice.

On the other hand, rewrites happen quite often with open source which may result in a better end product, but often causes significant delays or new versions coming out which lack features from the previous versions etc.
Open source does not face the same pressures (ie to have a sellable version available to meet deadlines), but does face different pressures (the code is visible to all, and hacky kludged together code will be seen and cast a negative light on the individuals who created it).

Comment Re:As unpopular as it will be to hear... (Score 1) 154

Well all else being equal, the open choice is almost always the better one..
When both options are buggy, at least you have the chance to fix the source yourself, and you'll always be able to maintain it and migrate your data out of it if you need to use something else in the future.
Companies often spend a LOT of money on acquiring, customising and managing closed source, why not spend some of that money on bugfixing open source and returning the fixes to the community? If everyone did that then software would rapidly improve.

Comment Re:Totally abandoning their core userbase (Score 1) 74

X11 reads the monitor DPI too, and also scales fonts, as did SGI IRIX back in the day...

Windows as you rightly point out, doesn't bother, and because of this a lot of monitors don't actually supply the required information.

People now seem to think that the point measurement used for fonts relates to pixels on screen rather than any physical size, and it's a commonly held belief that a larger monitor just makes everything bigger rather than providing more space.

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