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Comment Re:Also (Score 1) 112

On the other hand you typically carry your phone with you everywhere and never leave it unattended. A desktop or laptop on the other hand is likely to often be left at home or in the office etc... Someone could easily break in and steal it.
A bit of vigilance with your phone and its less likely to get stolen than a laptop or desktop.

Comment Re:google chrome sleep mode? (Score 1) 372

The problem is it's difficult to identify a low memory situation on a multitasking system, mainly due to such programs...
If one program frees up memory or flushes caches in situations like this, then other such programs will no longer see a low memory condition and feel free to allocate themselves more memory. You can't easily control which programs are aiming to conserve memory and which are using it all needlessly.

Comment Re:Warning: Windows 10 is draining your battery (Score 1) 372

It's not worse, it's actually slightly better the problem is that a lot of ACPI implementations are designed specifically for windows and don't follow the specs properly (whereas linux does).
Chromebooks are designed to run linux (ie they dont have non standard power management designed for windows) and generally have very good battery life

Comment Re:Depends on the industry (Score 1) 372

You don't need to use google services to do Android development, you need to use their services if you want to develop against their optional libraries hosted ontop of android or if you want to publish into their play store...
But then again, you have to use a mac to develop iphone apps and you have to use windows to develop windows mobile apps.

Comment Re:What's next? (Score 1) 372

People are used to the interface, used to the bugs and the arbitrary limits...
They won't like a program which has a slightly different interface, they will complain loudly about any bugs they encounter because they've not learned how to work around them. Same with arbitrary limits that they're not previously used to.

Comment Re:As it's been said... (Score 1) 621

The problem with this unhindered flow is that there is a huge economic disparity between the more developed countries in the EU and the newer members, and the UK for instance has one of if not the most generous welfare and healthcare systems in the world...

There are camps of refugees in France who are desperate to get to the UK, and many will go to extremely dangerous lengths to do so...
These are not people desperately fleeing a dangerous war torn country - they have already done that. They have already made it to at least one EU country and probably passed through several others in order to get there. And yet despite having already reached safety, they are still willing to take huge risks to get out of France and make it to the UK.

Free movement doesn't work well unless you have very similar conditions and opportunities throughout the area of free movement.

Comment Re:Hire the best or not? (Score 1) 200

Exactly, companies don't and shouldn't care about the gender of ethnicity of their employees. Suitability for the job at hand should be the only criteria.

If you want to see more diversity among companies you have to start with kids in school and encourage them to take an interest in particular fields, as well as eliminating the peer pressure that exists in schools to push people away from certain fields.
For instance technology fields are seen as geeky, so people who show an interest are often picked on in schools and that discourages many people who would otherwise be interested.

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